Fees Report - Fiscal year 2017-18

General fees information

The tables that follow provide information on each category of fees, including:

  • the name of the fee category
  • the date that the fee (or fee category) was introduced and last amended (if applicable)
  • service standards
  • performance results against these standards 
  • financial information regarding total costs, total revenues and remissions

In addition to the information presented by fee category, there is a summary of the financial information for all fees as well as a listing of fees under the department’s authority. This listing includes the existing fee dollar amounts and the adjusted dollar fee amount for a future year.

General and financial information by fee category

General information

Fee category Application Processing fees for the Grant of Coat of Arms by the Canadian Heraldic Authority.
Fee-setting authority [Indicate whether the fee-setting authority is a ministerial order, a departmental statute or a regulation. Whenever possible, provide a hyperlink to the fee-setting authority. For example:
Year introduced 1991
Year last amended Not applicable
Service standard OSGG has not established a service standard for this fee, which is required pursuant to section 4 of the Service Fees Act.
Performance results No performance result can be provided, as this fee does not have an established service standard.

Financial information (dollars)

2016 to 2017
2017 to 2018
2017 to 2018
2017 to 2018
23,490 14,790 30,082 0

* The amount includes direct and indirect costs, where such costs are identifiable and material.

A remission is a partial or full return of a fee paid. Under the Service Fees Act, departments are required to develop policies that determine when fees will be remitted to fee payers should service standards not be met. At the time of this report being tabled, the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General is not subject to the requirements pursuant to section 7 of the Service Fees Act and it related instrument, therefore it does not have a remission policy.

No other remissions related to fees were issued by the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General since it did not have or seek other authorities to remit.

Fees under the department’s authority

Fee amounts for 2017 to 2018, 2019 to 2020, and a future fiscal year, as applicable (dollars)

Name of fee 2017 to 2018
Fee amount
2019 to 2020
Adjusted fee amount
Future fee amount and fiscal year
Canadian Heraldic Authority Fee 435 Not applied Not applicable

* The adjustment was not applied because it was anticipated at that time that the fee would fall under the low materiality regulations that came into effect later on.

The “Future fee amount and fiscal year” is the new amount of the fee, in a future fiscal year other than 2019 to 2020, adjusted by a predetermined rate, in accordance with the authority in legislation or regulation.


  1.  Low Materiality Fees Regulations
  2. Directive on Charging and Special Financial Authorities