Celebrate Excellence

Louis St-Cyr shares his experiences as a volunteer and what receiving the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers has meant to him.

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[Louis St-Cyr:] There are two verbs I like to use: to love and to help.

What led me to take my first humanitarian trip?

I think it was a little bit of curiosity, to see how people lived elsewhere.

My first trip was to Guatemala.

We built the second and third floors of a school.

I took a liking to it immediately.

I went to El Salvador five times.

We built a residence for sick people.

After that, I went to the Dominican Republic to build a youth centre.

Eighty percent of people who go there are not necessarily skilled tradespersons.

And when someone has a trade, their skills are in high demand.

They are promoted to foreman automatically, even if they can’t speak Spanish.

These humanitarian trips gave me a new vision of the world, I grow as a person, each time I go.

And today, that work led me to do volunteer work with an organization called "L'Amicale des personnes handicapées physiques de l'Outaouais."

[Screen Description: Throughout the video, the screen alternates between Mr. St-Cyr, Mr. de Bellefeuille, and a series of scenes featuring Mr. St-Cyr participating in volunteer work, including building homes and working with people with disabilities at L’Amicale des personnes handicapées physiques de l’Outaouais.]

[Screen Description: Mr. Jacques de Bellefeuille is sitting and speaking to the camera. The screen reads, “Jacques de Bellefeuille, Managing Director of L’Amicale.”]

[Jacques de Bellefeuille:] We are a drop-in centre for people who are physically disabled.

It provides a place for people to come together, to alleviate their isolation, to join in and to achieve their potential.

[Louis St-Cyr:] The first time I went to the centre, it was to fix a leaky faucet for free.

When I saw the condition of the faucet and the kitchen sink, I said to myself, "There's no way to fix that faucet."

So I changed it and the sink as well.

[Jacques de Bellefeuille:] That's how it started. Louis has never stopped.

[Louis St-Cyr:] Then I thought, why not fix the tiles?

After, I renovated the large common room.

I renovated the two bathrooms, and adapted them for their needs.

[Jacques de Bellefeuille:] In an organization like ours, our budgets for renovations or for improving the physical spaces are very limited.

Louis grasped L'Amicale’s mission and folded it under his wings.

[Louis St-Cyr:] So now, for the last two years, I've been the chairperson of L'Amicale.

[Jacques de Bellefeuille:] He has such a big heart.

[Louis St-Cyr:] The impact of receiving this award, of receiving the Sovereign's Medal, is that it can give people the incentive to do the same, to make a small gesture, to give a little bit to society, and to the community...

It gives me personal satisfaction and it's fulfilling.

I love it.

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