75th anniversary of D-Day


Mme. Payette speech: It is one of the privileges of being Governor General of Canada and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces to be able to honour those who have contributed and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. And every single time I’ve come back here and saw the maple leaf flying somewhere, it reminds me, a Canadian who’s never seen war, how important it is to never forget. Memory, is not only important for those who have fallen, but it's important for future generations so that we remember the cost of war.

They crossed the pond, the l’océan pour aller se battre pour l’idéal de paix, de liberté. If we work together it's possible that we can say never again, never again.

Thank you to all of you, to the life that unites us.

Text: From Juno Beach to Halifax, our collective duty of memory honours those who have fallen, and informs future generations of the terrible cost of war. Let us never forget.