Visit to Lithuania


Text over footage of Mme. Payette descending from airplane: Vilnius Airport, Vilnius Lithuania

Text over footage of standing guards: Antalkalis Cemetery, Vilnius, Lithuania

Voice over speech from Harry Jaako of Discovery Capital: I think it's showing great sensitivity for Lithuania to put in a visit to the cemetery which was such a spiritual and tragic experience for the Lithuanian population. To have been honoured and recognized by Canada is a great way to build relationships.

Speech from Derek Manky of Fortinet: We had a State lunch, we met the president, met the minister of Defence. We had a lot of great conversations, particularly in my field about cyber security.

Text over footage: Presidential Palace, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Mme. Payette speech: We are here, this delegation, because we believe in the importance of solidarity amongst friends, especially in times of uncertainty. And, for the sake of the people, the prosperity of us all, for our children, our grand-children and for the future, we must work together.

Speech from Dr. Sarah Shoker of Glassbox: We had the opportunity to speak to some of the tech-sector innovators that are here in Lithuania, and talk a little bit about how we can collaborate.

Text over footage: Vilnius Tech Park, Vilnius, Lithuania

Mme. Payette speech: The theme today is because you are all somehow involved in the tech industry, or somehow involved in start-up, and you are somehow involved in turning ideas into reality.

Text over footage: KTU Science, Technology & Business Centre, Santana Valley, Lithuania

Mme. Payette speech: Today we are here to take a journey. It was a bit crazy to think that maybe I would become an astronaut one day, but hey, especially if you study, and if you can give this extraordinary gift that we can give our self called an education, behind you, then who knows?

Speech from Derek Manky of Fortinet: In the private sector, it's always amongst peers and technical experts, but here it's a very diverse group. I've learned a lot about the history here. You can certainly see the pride, I think, since independence with the culture here. So that's been fascinating.

Speech from Dr. Sarah Shoker of Glassbox: I'm always looking for new ideas, and those ideas don't necessarily don't have to come from Canadians because a number of these problems and challenges are transnational in nature.