The Nova Scotia Highlanders

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Truro, Nova Scotia
Approval of a Regimental Colour
February 15, 2021
Vol. VII, p. 331

Regimental Colour of the Nova Scotia Highlanders
Regimental Colour of the Nova Scotia Highlanders
Regimental Colour of the Nova Scotia Highlanders

Regimental Colour of the Nova Scotia Highlanders


Azure a guze charged with a saltire couped Argent surmounted by a mayflower branch slipped and leaved proper, and within an annulus Murrey edged, charged in base with a thistle, inscribed THE NOVA SCOTIA HIGHLANDERS in letters Or, ensigned by the Royal Crown proper and environed by two branches of autumnal maple leaves and thistles their stems in saltire proper bound by a ribbon Gules surmounted by a scroll Argent edged Or inscribed SIOL NA FEAR FEARAIL in letters Sable, the whole environed by two laurel branches their stems in saltire Or fructed Gules bearing scrolls Argent edged Or inscribed in letters Sable on the dexter with SOUTH AFRICA, 1899 - 1900; MOUNT SORREL; ARRAS, 1917, ’18; PASSCHENDAELE; HINDENBURG LINE; FRANCE AND FLANDERS, 1915 - 18; AUTHIE; FALAISE; BOULOGNE, 1944; BRESKENS POCKET; NORTH-WEST EUROPE, 1944 - 45; and on the sinister with YPRES, 1915; SOMME, 1916, ’18; VIMY, 1917; AMIENS; CANAL DU NORD; NORMANDY LANDING; CAEN; CHAMBOIS; THE SCHELDT; THE RHINE; AFGHANISTAN;


The central device is a form of the regimental badge. The crown represents service to the Sovereign, and the maple leaves, service to Canada. The thistles are a common motif among flags of Canadian Highland infantry regiments. The Scottish Gaelic phrase means “Breed of manly men.” The laurel branches are symbols of victory. The scrolls display select battle honours awarded to the regiment.



Canada Gazette Information

The announcement of the Letters Patent was made on March 27, 2021 in Volume 7, page 331 of the Canada Gazette.

Letters Patent approving the Heraldic Emblems of The Nova Scotia Highlanders

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Original concept of the Department of National Defence, assisted by the heralds of the Canadian Heraldic Authority.


Robert Grey


Doris Wionzek

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