The University of Trinity College

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Toronto, Ontario
Registration of Arms and Supporters
October 18, 1989
Vol. I, p. 56

Arms of The University of Trinity College
Arms of The University of Trinity College
Arms of The University of Trinity College

Arms of The University of Trinity College


The Arms of the Anglican Bishopric of Toronto namely Azure a crosier in bend dexter surmounted by a key in bend sinister Or between an Imperial Crown in chief two open books in fess proper and a dove in base Argent holding in the beak an olive branch Vert impaling Azure a stag trippant reguardant Or attired and unguled Argent all within a bordure Gold;


The design is based on the arms used by the college since 1857, namely the arms borne by the Right Reverend John Strachan, the first bishop of Toronto and the founder of the college. The left side is the arms of the diocese of Toronto, granted in 1839. The right side is based on Scottish Strachan arms, with the stag made unique to John Strachan by the position of the head and the colour of the antlers and hooves. The border around the shield differentiates the bishop’s arms from the college’s arms. Blue and gold are the college’s academic colours.



A closed book laid flat bound Vert garnished Or reposing thereon a mitre Or the orphreys Azure charged with fourteen trillia flowers leaved proper (seven manifest);


The mitre, a symbol of a bishop’s authority, is taken from the arms used by Bishop Strachan. The book indicates the college’s educational function. The trillium flowers are the provincial symbol of Ontario and an allusion to the Holy Trinity in whose honour the college was named. Their number alludes to the seven original faculties of the college.



MET AΓΩNA ΣTEΦANOΣ. This Greek phrase means "After the Struggle, the Crown".


Meaning “After the struggle, the crown,” this Greek phrase is the first line of the refrain of the college song, which has been in use since the early years of the college.



On the dexter side a unicorn and on the sinister side a Canadian deer both reguardant Or unguled and respectively armed and attired Argent langued Azure the compartment comprising a grassy mount growing therefrom seven trillia leaved proper;


The unicorn is a medieval symbol of the incarnation of Christ, and as a supporter of the royal arms of Scotland it pays tribute to Bishop Strachan’s Scottish background. The stag is taken from the Strachan element of the college’s arms, and is also a supporter of the arms of the province of Ontario. The trillium flowers repeat the symbolism of the crest.



Canada Gazette Information

The announcement of the letters patent was made on November 25, 1989 in Volume 123, page 5070 of the Canada Gazette.

Letters patent registering the heraldic emblems of The University of Trinity College

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Original concept of Conrad Swan, York Herald, College of Arms (Arms), Robert Black (Crest) and David Neelands (Supporters).


Gordon Macpherson


Judith Bainbridge

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Civil Institution
University Faculty, Department & College

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The recipient's emblems were originally recorded in the records of the College of Arms, London, England, 28 May 1988.