Administrator Video Series - Episode 3

In this series, the Right Honourable Richard Wagner discusses his role as the administrator of the Government of Canada, and shares his thoughts, memories and experiences of his time in the role.


[Rideau Hall Guide:] Your Excellency, what’s the one thing that surprised you about this role?

[His Excellency the Right Honourable Richard Wagner (Administrator of the Government of Canada):] Well, it’s probably … it’s probably the … the variety of … of the … of the roles played by the administrator. You know, one day you will sign commissions; you will sign orders in council the following day; you will preside ceremonies to give Order of Canada, for instance, or other types of awards. So, what struck me as … as … what surprised me … is the diversity of the tasks that must be done by … by the administrator. And I would tell you that, without the good and professional support of the … the staff at Rideau Hall and at the Privy Council, the governor general or the administrator could not do a job properly. So, I was very lucky and privileged to be able to count on … on the experts, the good people at … at Rideau Hall and at Privy Council, to help me.