Administrator Video Series - Episode 1

In this series, the Right Honourable Richard Wagner discusses his role as the administrator of the Government of Canada, and shares his thoughts, memories and experiences of his time in the role.


[Rideau Hall Guide:] Excellency, tell us about your experience as an administrator.

[His Excellency the Right Honourable Richard Wagner (Administrator of the Government of Canada):] That’s a very good question. In a nutshell, I would tell you that it was a great experience. I had to do so many things on behalf of the country. I had to ... of course, I had to assure the interim just until the new governor general is appointed.

That means that I had to sign all kinds of documents, official documents like orders in council, proclamations, appointment papers; attending Royal Assents, writing to heads of State for different reasons, receiving correspondence from other heads of State as well; presiding virtual ceremonies to give awards and merits to all kinds of ... many Canadians. So, it was very interesting, it was very diverse and I enjoyed every moment.