Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers - 2021 recipients


National Volunteer Week 2021 Announcement

Paulette Lenore Aamot
The Pas, Manitoba

For three decades, Paulette Lenore Aamot has been contributing to the well-being of her community through her involvement with various events, including the Northern Manitoba Trappers’ Festival, where she organized numerous winter activities to rekindle a sense of belonging. She also participates in neighbourhood patrols with The Pas Citizens on Patrol, helping to ensure the safety of her fellow citizens.


Rory Allen
Regina, Saskatchewan

Since 1996, Rory Allen has been performing his Elvis tribute act to benefit charities and community groups in Saskatchewan. In doing so, he has helped these organizations meet their fundraising goals and has strengthened the region’s cultural community.


Doreen June Ander
The Pas, Manitoba

For more than 45 years, Doreen June Ander has been a volunteer with the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #19 The Pas Ladies Auxiliary, where she has served on a number of committees, as well as in the roles of president and treasurer. Her efforts have supported numerous events and fundraisers, and helped strengthen the community.


Deborah Auchinleck
Petawawa, Ontario

Deborah Auchinleck has been promoting martial arts with the Goju Karate Club at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa since 1994. As vice-president, treasurer, instructor and administrator, she helps civilians and military members of all ages gain self-confidence and self-awareness in a positive environment, and ensures the venue and classes are accessible to everyone.


Sandra Margaret Bartlett
The Pas, Manitoba

For the past 26 years, Sandra Margaret Bartlett has devoted herself to helping those in need in her community and to strengthening community solidarity through her involvement with the Royal Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary. Her efforts to organize fundraisers and numerous other activities have generated resources to support groups in the region.


Theresa Marie Bastien
The Pas, Manitoba

For over 40 years, Theresa Marie Bastien has played a key role in her community, dedicating her time and energy to numerous local organizations, including the Royal Canadian Legion and The Pas Health Complex Auxiliary. With tremendous generosity, she helps organize activities such as fundraisers to support those in need and keep community spirit alive.


Rémi Beaudin
Ottawa, Ontario

Over the past two decades, Rémi Beaudin has been a coach, assistant director, and director of equipment and facilities with the Gloucester Dragons Recreational Soccer Club. In these various positions, he has contributed to the healthy development of youth aged 4 to 18 by instilling in them the athletic techniques and discipline that the sport requires.


Dominique Bellemare
Beauharnois, Quebec

For over 30 years, Dominique Bellemare has served in executive positions with World Animal Protection International and World Animal Protection Canada, providing them with leadership and pro bono counsel. His efforts have ensured that both organizations benefit from best practices in modern governance.


Annette Bergeron
Napanee, Ontario

Over the past 10 years, Annette Bergeron has volunteered on the executive boards of national and provincial engineering organizations. She also chaired several committees for the Kingston General Hospital, including the community outreach committee, and the research and education committee.


Wilma Bianco
Ottawa, Ontario

Since 2010, Wilma Bianco has been supporting the Italian Night Dinner fundraiser, which has raised $500,000 for the Kidney Foundation of Canada and which supports the Kidney Research Centre at The Ottawa Hospital. Co-chair of the annual event since 2015, she has helped ensure its long-lasting success and, in turn, improved research opportunities and patient care for people with kidney disease.


Virginia Bidwell
Markham, Ontario

For more than 60 years, Virginia Bidwell has volunteered with Girl Guides of Canada, and currently serves as a unit guider for girls between the ages of 15 and 17. As an administrative community leader for several years, she was responsible for mentoring adult volunteers and organizing training sessions.


Pat Birchall
Regina, Saskatchewan

For more than a decade, Pat Birchall has been entertaining residents and encouraging athletes in equal measure. As the co-founder of the Queen City Caring Clowns, she has lifted the spirits of residents in long-term care homes and the Regina Cancer Lodge; as a coach with Special Olympics Estevan, she had helped many athletes accomplish their goals.


Tony Birchall
Regina, Saskatchewan

As the co-founder of the Queen City Caring Clowns and a member of Wa Wa Klown since 2002, Tony Birchall has brought laughter to the residents of Regina care homes. In the late 90s, he also served as a coach with Special Olympics Estevan, where he helped many athletes achieve their goals.


James Linscott Blake
The Pas, Manitoba

For more than 50 years, James Linscott Blake has demonstrated his commitment to his community through his lengthy involvement with the Royal Canadian Legion and with the Citizens on Patrol Program, since 1993. His efforts have facilitated the promotion of Remembrance in his community and have made his town a safer place in which to live.


Ron Blechinger
Regina, Saskatchewan

For more than three decades, Ron Blechinger has maintained several local cross-country ski trails through the Regina Ski Club, ensuring skiers and outdoor enthusiasts from all walks of life can enjoy the snow all winter long. Since 2008, he has also been promoting the arts as a board member of the Regina Lyric Musical Theatre.


Jill Bobula
Ottawa, Ontario

For the past 12 years Jill Bobula, has been giving her time to raising awareness about Tourette Syndrome in her community. Through her involvement with Tourette Ottawa, she provides training sessions to professionals and to family members of people with Tourette Syndrome while working with her local chapter members to develop promotional posters to mobilize her community around the cause.


Cathy Bonnell
Ottawa, Ontario

Cathy Bonnell has been a member of the Presbyterian Spiritual Care team at The Ottawa Hospital since 1989. In this role, she provides active listening services and assists patients in finding hope, peace and strength through their faith, despite their circumstances.


Denise Cadieux
Orleans, Ontario

Since 1989, Denise Cadieux has been a volunteer at the Breast Health Centre, a member of The Ottawa Hospital Civic Auxiliary and, most recently, a clerical aid at the Stroke Prevention Clinic. From greeting patients with a friendly face and useful information, to guiding them through their appointments, she has helped put patients and their families at ease.


Elizabeth Campbell
Sussex, New Brunswick

For over a decade, Elizabeth Campbell has given her time to the New Brunswick Council of Girl Guides of Canada. Currently serving as provincial commissioner as well as a unit guider for Sparks and Pathfinders, she has contributed to increased retention and enrolment rates, and has worked with committees overseeing finance and membership.


Dianne Ruth Campbell
The Pas, Manitoba

For the past 26 years, Dianne Ruth Campbell has been supporting veterans and people in need in her community while promoting remembrance through her involvement with the Royal Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary and Cancer Care Manitoba. Her work with St. Paul’s Personal Care Home is also improving the lives of seniors and helping to break their isolation.


Sharon Campbell
The Pas, Manitoba

Over the past 17 years, Sharon Campbell has supported veterans and seniors in her community through her involvement with the Royal Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary and St. Paul’s Personal Care Home. Her efforts in organizing multiple activities help to promote remembrance, support various groups in her community and prevent solitude among seniors.


Robert Carr
Ottawa, Ontario

Since 1994, Robert Carr has been volunteering with various initiatives at The Ottawa Hospital, from serving as a member of the Volunteer Resources Team to acting as an accountant with the Les Amis fundraising program. He also helped launch the Info Guide program at the General Campus where he helps patients feel welcome and makes getting to appointments easier.


Shannon Carson
Toronto, Ontario

For more than 10 years, Shannon Carson has been contributing to the Ontario Council of Girl Guides of Canada, serving as a unit guider for various age groups, and assisting with training and mentorship of adult members. She also advises the national board of directors on financial management as part of the Audit and Finance Committee.


Elena Catalano
The Pas, Manitoba

For the past 42 years, Elena Catalano has been contributing to the well-being of veterans in her community and their families. She helps organize funerals and fundraisers to support social activities for Royal Canadian Legion Branch 19, and cared  for seniors living at St. Paul’s Personal Care Home.


Sabrina Cataldo
Regina, Saskatchewan

For more than a decade, Sabrina Cataldo has been using her talents in communications to support the efforts of Regina Cat Rescue and Carmichael Outreach. She has also enhanced the vibrancy of the local arts scene as a volunteer with the Regina Lyric Musical Theatre.


Louis Christ
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Over the past two decades, Louis Christ has served as an executive member of numerous organizations, including the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires (North Saskatchewan division) and the North Saskatoon Business Association. Since 2006, he has been employing his photographic talents in support of two local junior football teams and other members of the community.


Jane Christie
Ottawa, Ontario

Since 1983, whenever patients have been unable to access The Ottawa Hospital Civic Auxiliary’s main shop, Jane Christie has brought the shop by cart to them—along with some friendly conversation to stave off feelings of isolation. As part of the Civic Auxiliary volunteer team, she also helped raise over $1 million for the hospital in 2019.


George Clements
Bonavista, Newfoundland and Labrador

For more than 30 years, George Clements’ volunteer efforts have had positive, lasting impacts on the community of Bonavista. From the creation of a new hospital to a successful celebration of the 500th anniversary of the arrival of John Cabot, his contributions have helped improve the well-being and cultural vibrancy of the region.


Geraldine Patricia Cloutier
The Pas, Manitoba

For the past 62 years, Geraldine Patricia Cloutier has been dedicated to the well-being of the people in her community through her involvement with the Royal Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary and the Catholic Women’s League. Her commitment has helped foster a sense of community in the region and helped veterans, particularly those who are ill.


Carolyn Cockram
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Carolyn Cockram joined Girl Guides of Canada in 2007, and became a Girls First champion when the new girl-focused and girl-led program was introduced in 2018. She has also been involved in many camps at the district, area and provincial levels, and has encouraged girls to explore the outdoors and try new things.


Linda Maxine Conley
The Pas, Manitoba

For over 30 years, Linda Maxine Conley has played an important role in the volunteer activities in her community through her involvement with the Royal Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary. Her determination not only helps people in need across the region, but also brings her fellow citizens together around causes that strengthen community spirit.


Jennifer Paige Cook
The Pas, Manitoba

For more than 25 years, Jennifer Paige Cook has been instrumental in maintaining the vitality of her community through the Midwest Karate Club and a variety of local events such as fundraisers and the Northern Manitoba Trappers' Festival. As a result, youth sports have become more accessible, and the region’s residents and visitors have benefited from more vibrant public spaces.


Sally Cooke Venne
La Ronge, Saskatchewan

Since founding the Sucker River Cross-Country Ski and Canoe Program in 2007, Sally Cooke Venne has been providing the youth of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band with high-level cross-country ski training and racing opportunities. She has fostered resiliency and self-confidence among the community’s youth and has helped them achieve their goals.


Barry Cornish
Orillia, Ontario

For the past 10 years, Barry Cornish has been ensuring the well-being of veterans and their families through his involvement with the Royal Canadian Legion, notably by spearheading  fundraisers to ensure that they have access to the services they need and accompanying them to their medical appointments. He also helps youth by supporting his city’s junior hockey team through various fundraising activities.


Blanche Côte
Carleton, Quebec

For the past 28 years, Blanche Côte has been helping residents with diminished cognitive and physical autonomy at the Centre d’hébergement et de soins de longue durée de Maria, contributing to their well-being and to the ongoing improvement of their living environment. To help break their isolation, she gives special attention to the residents, notably by celebrating their birthdays and helping to organize the Christmas party.


Christopher McDougal Croner
Abbostford, British Columbia

For the past 50 years, Christopher McDougal Croner has been delivering meals to clients in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside neighbourhood as a volunteer driver with the Health and Home Care Society of BC’s Meals on Wheels Program. His dedication not only ensures the client’s nutritional needs are met, but it also ensures their well-being as he conducts informal safety checks with each client.


Perry Dalton
Saint John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

For the past 18 years, Perry Dalton has contributed to the development of young athletes in his community through the Mount Pearl-Paradise Skating Club. He ensures that competitions run smoothly by maintaining the arena rink, organizing fundraising events for the Club, ensuring the accessibility of the organization’s website and providing customer service.


Maria D’Iorio
Montreal, Quebec

For over 50 years, Maria D’Iorio has been a community builder, offering decorating  services and coordinating fundraising events for her parish, San Domenico Savio. She also helps people with a terminal illness to receive care by organizing fundraisers for the Palliative Home-Care Society Foundation.


Philippe Dugas
Ottawa, Ontario

For 10 years, Philippe Dugas worked tirelessly as a member and president of the Atelier d’histoire de la Longue-Pointe. His many accomplishments have not only helped to educate people about the rich past of Montréal’s Mercier borough, but have also helped to document and preserve its history and heritage.


Diya Duggal
Sarnia, Ontario

Since 2016, Diya Duggal has been involved in several initiatives in her hometown of Sarnia, such as collecting hair from local salons for donation to organizations which that provide wigs to sick children, and collecting essential items for Women’s Interval Home. With her sister and their friends, she has helped raise thousands of dollars to support various charities through their local chapter of Because I am a Girl.


Raveena Duggal
Sarnia, Ontario

In 2016, along with her sister and their friends, Raveena Duggal helped launch Girls Giving Back, a local chapter of Because I am a Girl, which has raised over $20,000 for various initiatives. She has donated the proceeds from her own handmade cosmetics to support the Sarnia Women’s Interval Home and the Better at Home seniors program, and has organized successful fundraisers for the Canadian Cancer Society.


Barbara DuMoulin
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Over the past 15 years, Barbara DuMoulin has shared her knowledge of the island’s history with visitors and members of her community through her involvement with the Salt Spring Island Historical Society. She also promotes the representation of women in various social spheres through her activities with the Canadian Federation of University Women Salt Spring Island Club.


Derek Egan
Victoria, British Columbia

For more than two decades, Derek Egan has been contributing to multiple service organizations in his community, notably as an executive member of the Commissionaires Victoria, the Islands and Yukon. As a founder and director of the Saanich Police Historical Society, he has been preserving the history and significance of the local police force since 2009.


Hilary Feldman
Vancouver, British Columbia

Hilary Feldman has been an active Girl Guide leader since 2009, and has served as treasurer, commissioner and Trefoil Guild member with Girl Guides of Canada. She recently chaired the editorial committee of the Girl Guides of Canada magazine Canadian Guider, which provides girls with a platform to share their stories about and experiences in guiding.


Ernest Ferne
Ottawa, Ontario

In 1997, in partnership with his family members, Ernest Ferne created the Karen Taylor Golf Tournament, which funds a bursary for nursing education at The Ottawa Hospital. He is also an active volunteer with the Cure Diabetes Golf Tournament, and is a community leader in support of stem cell research and diabetes at The Ottawa Hospital.


Jill Ferne,
Ottawa, Ontario

Since 1992, Jill Ferne has been actively involved in Harvest House, as a teacher in its education development program and as the host of its annual fundraising Christmas dinner. In 1997, in partnership with her family members, she created the Karen Taylor Golf Tournament, which has raised over $500,000 in support of nursing and education at The Ottawa Hospital.


William Charles Ford
Carbonear, Newfoundland and Labrador

For more than 30 years, William Charles Ford has been sharing his expertise in aircraft restoration and artefact acquisition with several military museums. As the volunteer exhibition and acquisitions manager of  the New Brunswick Aviation Museum, he has conducted thorough research and donated artefacts to create more accurate and plentiful aviation displays.


Mario Frangione
Ottawa, Ontario

Since 1984, Mario Frangione has been a founding member, co-chair and honorary chair of the Italian Night Dinner, a fundraising initiative that raises over $50,000 a year in support of kidney research. In partnership with the Kidney Foundation of Ottawa, he also helped create a bursary to enhance services for kidney patients in the Ottawa region.


Judy Gallant
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Judy Gallant has been a softball coach with Special Olympics Prince Edward Island since 2005, helping young people achieve their goals both on and off the field. Thanks to her efforts, the team was able to attend the Special Olympics National Games in 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018, as well as the 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens in 2011.


Maureen Gibson
Ottawa, Ontario

Maureen Gibson has been volunteering with The Ottawa Hospital since 1996, doing everything from greeting patients and offering refreshments, to calling with appointment reminders from the Women’s Health Centre and acting as a communication link between patients and their families following operations at the Eye Care Centre. She has also raised funds for patient care initiatives as a member of the special events team at the Riverside Auxiliary.


Isabel Gillissie
Ottawa, Ontario

Since 1982, Isabel Gillissie has been volunteering with The Ottawa Hospital in a variety of roles, from counter staff in the coffee shop to executive member of the Auxiliary board. She also dedicates her time to helping the special events team with fundraising events like bazaars, bake sales and book sales, from which all proceeds go to patient care programs.


Mary Lynne Golphy
Davidson, Saskatchewan

For more than 30 years, Mary Lynne Golphy has been volunteering with Girl Guides of Canada in various roles, such as guider, district and division commissioner, division treasurer, and product marketing advisor. The local Trefoil Guild, of which she is currently president, provides gifts and care packages for elderly citizens and the homeless, and also hosts bingo games at the seniors’ residence in Saskatoon.


Beverly Gordon
Toronto, Ontario

Over the past 55 years, Beverly Gordon has been a valuable member of Girl Guides of Canada, notably serving as the National Trefoil Guild advisor to the National Council. Thanks to her efforts, the Trefoil Guilds help other guiding units with their community projects, advise leaders on new activities and support local women’s shelters.


Kevin Lynn Graham
Ottawa, Ontario

Kevin Lynn Graham has been a coach and mentor to adolescent hockey players in the Ottawa region for more than 10 years. He has helped create a safe, positive and respectful learning environment that has strengthened youth confidence and leadership through organized sports.


Susan Graham
Regina, Saskatchewan

For nearly two decades, Susan Graham has been bringing live entertainment to local residents as a board member of the Regina Lyric Musical Theatre. She has helped the theatre reach its fundraising goals, and ensured its productions and performances ran smoothly while she continued to donate her time to other organizations in the community.


Robert Groulx
Sherbrooke, Quebec

For over 50 years, Robert Groulx contributed   to the well-being of veterans in his community with the Royal Canadian Legion and the Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada. He organized   activities such as hospital visits and community gatherings to break the isolation of this vulnerable segment of society, and supported grieving families.


Mona Hardy
Thunder Bay, Ontario

For a decade, Mona Hardy has been working to ensure the comfort of marginalized community members with the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre and the NorWest Community Health Centre. She has helped members of the LGBTQ2+ and transgender communities access safe health care and support services, and has fostered greater independence among dialysis patients self-managing their lives.


Russell Hart
Regina, Saskatchewan

For more than three decades, Russell Hart has served as a board member of the Phoenix Residential Society, providing oversight to this community-based health care and rehabilitation organization. Thanks to his efforts, the organization has expanded its capacity to offer a safe and supportive environment to people with disabilities.


Shelby Hayter
Ottawa, Ontario

A strong proponent in the fight against Parkinson’s disease, Shelby Hayter joined the board of the Parkinson Research Consortium in 2006, and the board of Partners Investing in Parkinson’s Research in 2009. She also created the Pass the Baton program in 2006, to educate children on the effects of Parkinson’s disease as well as inspire them to create their own fundraising activities.


Dave Hedlund
Regina, Saskatchewan

For more than two decades, Dave Hedlund has been contributing to Regina’s music scene through his work with the Regina Symphony Orchestra (RSO) and the South Saskatchewan Youth Orchestra. Most recently, he conducted historical research that will help preserve the legacy of the RSO for future generations.


Pam Hiensch
Richmond, British Columbia

Having founded The Richmond Singers and The Richmond Ensemble, Pam Hiensch entertains at charity events in her community and helps to break the isolation of seniors by performing at long-term care facilities. For the past four decades, she has also been serving meals to the homeless and those in need at the Richmond Food Bank and the St. Alban Anglican Church.


John David Hind
Calgary, Alberta

For more than three decades, John David Hind has helped raise funds and plan events for the Alberta Standardbred Horse Association and the Calgary Stampede, ensuring the success of many celebrated public events. As a volunteer leader with Scouts Canada, he has helped youth in Calgary gain confidence and contribute to their communities.


Lise Hodgson Madore
Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec

Since 1995, Lise Hodgson Madore has been supporting her community through the Association des bénévoles du Centre hospitalier régional du Grand-Portage and her parish. Through her volunteer activities, she ensures the comfort and well-being of hospital patients and their families and helps to maintain the vitality of religion in the region.


Leslie Horton
Calgary, Alberta

As a dedicated volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada since 1991, Leslie Horton has given her time to provide unique opportunities to young Guide leaders. As co-leader of her local unit since 2017, she was instrumental in coordinating fundraising events to send the unit to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in July 2019.


Brad Hrycyna
Regina, Saskatchewan

Since 2007, Brad Hrycyna has been devoting his time to commemorating and supporting veterans in his community. He organizes celebrations and exhibitions through the Royal United Services Institute of Regina to ensure veterans’ service is remembered, and helped raise over $20,000 for the Royal Canadian Legion Poppy Fund.


D. Michael Jackson
Regina, Saskatchewan

Since 2005, D. Michael Jackson has been a committed board member of the Institute for the Study of the Crown in Canada at Massey College. Serving as president since 2018, he has organized several conferences to provide interested Canadians with information on the Crown, the monarchy and the Commonwealth in a Canadian context.


Hilary Johnstone
La Ronge, Saskatchewan

For close to three decades, Hilary Johnstone has been committed to ensuring the success of cross-country ski athletes in her community of La Ronge. Her efforts have contributed to the success of racing teams and, in her role as a coach, she has provided high-level training to athletes of all ages and abilities.


Muhammad Azam Kahloo
Calgary, Alberta

Muhammad Azam Kahloo has been an active member of the Pakistan Canada Association of Calgary since 2006, where he helps create inclusive programming, opportunities for youth leadership, and seniors’ activities. He also helps empower women in the community to become more self-sufficient through a language program that contributes to their confidence and sense of belonging.


Bill Kalmakoff
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

For more than two decades, Bill Kalmakoff has served as a community representative at province-wide culture meetings of the Saskatoon Doukhobor Society and the Doukhobor Cultural Society of Saskatchewan. He has promoted public awareness of and fostered a greater appreciation for the contributions of Canadian Doukhobors.


Krishan Kapila
Regina, Saskatchewan

Since 2011, Krishan Kapila has been bringing members of his community together through the Hindu Samaj Society of Southern Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Youth Visual Art Project. In 2017, he initiated a video project that saw 86 youth join forces to create a 45-minute video about their hopes and dreams for Canada.


Brian W. Karam
Ottawa, Ontario

A community volunteer since 1975, Brian Karam has served the Dewaan Foundation since 1988 in various roles, including vice-president, president and member of both the charity committee and the scholarship and education committee. His coordination of a semi-annual fundraising dinner have benefited multiple local organizations including The Ottawa Hospital.


W. Douglas Keam
Regina, Saskatchewan

For more than three decades, W. Douglas Keam has been dedicating his time to various community organizations that benefit the citizens of Regina and Saskatchewan as a whole. Since 1993, he has worked with Access Communications Co-operative to keep its weekly fundraising bingo game running, in support of children across Saskatchewan.


Colleen Kellner
North Vancouver, British Columbia

For more than a decade, Colleen Kellner has been dedicated to inspiring young women through her involvement with the British Columbia Council of Girl Guides of Canada. She has served as deputy provincial commissioner and on the steering committee for major camps, and helped plan national and international guiding trips.


Sandra Kerr
Saltcoats, Saskatchewan

Sandra Kerr has been actively preserving the heritage of Saltcoats since 1985. Her involvement in program planning, exhibitions and fundraising, in addition to her work on various committees with the Saltcoats Museum, has ensured that the history of the region is maintained for future generations.


Yvonne Kyle
Winnipeg, Manitoba

For more than four decades, Yvonne Kyle has been volunteering with Scouts Canada as a Scouter in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario. With the 60th Winnipeg Scout Group, she has been welcoming members with different abilities, ensuring that every Scout feels comfortable and supported.


Krista Laberge
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Krista Laberge has been an active member of Girl Guides of Canada since 2001. Currently, she manages two different units and serves as provincial commissioner for the Manitoba Council. She has also given her time to such organizations as the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, the Winnipeg Fringe Festival and Operation Red Nose.


Carol LaFayette-Boyd
Regina, Saskatchewan

For 15 years, Carol LaFayette-Boyd has been celebrating, researching and preserving the history, heritage and contributions of people of African ancestry through the Saskatchewan African Canadian Heritage Museum. Her efforts have helped strengthen the role of the museum in the community, and have fostered understanding and inclusivity throughout Regina.


Gilles Landry
Quebec, Quebec

For the past 33 years, Gilles Landry has been contributing to the well-being of veterans through the Maison Paul-Triquet. He facilitates residents’ access to appropriate care and breaks their isolation by accompanying them to medical appointments or other activities. As a member of the Royal Canadian Legion, he also guides the families of deceased veterans in making funeral arrangements.


Maria Lee
Richmond, British Columbia

Since 2002, Maria Lee has been committed to the 8th Vancouver Girl Guides Unit, and has been serving as its lead volunteer since 2004. As one of Canada’s largest Girl Guide groups, her unit proudly represents the Canadian guiding movement in the annual Vancouver Chinatown Spring Festival Parade.


Donna Leonard Robb
Calgary, Alberta

Donna Leonard Robb has been contributing to Girl Guides of Canada since 1978, and is noted for establishing a new set of risk management policies during her tenure as chief commissioner. She was also the executive director of the Famous 5 Foundation, and played a key role in creating the Future 5 Program, which encourages girls to become the next generation of women leaders.


Jean-Michel Longpré
Sherbrooke, Quebec

For the past 29 years, Jean-Michel Longpré has been helping to preserve the old Sherbrooke prison  . He diligently oversees the finances and management of this historic heritage building, which generates cultural activities and economic spin-offs for the Eastern Townships.


Lyn Lunsted
Dundas, Ontario

Lyn Lunsted has been volunteering with Girl Guides of Canada for nearly 30 years, and played a key role in introducing the Unified Banking financial platform to guiding units across the country. As chair of the Ontario Unit finance specialty committee, she leads a team of volunteers who support and train unit treasurers in Ontario and Nunavut to reduce the administrative burden on unit guiders.


Jennie MacKenzie
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

An active volunteer in her community for more than forty years, Jennie MacKenzie has helped support the local Food Bank, sporting events for youth, and various service organizations. Most significantly her leadership of youth through the Nova Scotia Girl Guides of Canada has helped girls of all ages to discover and develop their own potential.


Brian MacLellan
Bedford, Nova Scotia

For the past 27 years, Brian MacLellan has supported youth in his community as a mentor with 342 Bedford Lions Royal Canadian Air Cadets Squadron. He trains them as part of various programs that instill in them leadership skills and good citizenship values.


Roger Mainville
Montmagny, Quebec

For four decades, Roger Mainville has been contributing to the well-being of his community through the Club Richelieu Montmagny, organizing fundraisers to support organizations that help youth and families in the Chaudière-Appalaches region. He also advocates for people with intellectual disabilities through his services with the Maison de secours La Frontière and the Fondation du Foyer de l’enfance de la Côte-du-Sud.


Donald Steve Maksymchuk
The Pas, Manitoba

For close to 40 years, Donald Steve Maksymchuk has been lending a hand in his community and ensuring its safety through his work with the Knights of Columbus and the Citizens on Patrol Program. His endeavors have supported a variety of local and international charitable projects and have helped make neighbourhoods safer.


Anne Marshall
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Since 1977, Anne Marshall has been involved in her community, supporting the integration of all segments of society by hosting refugees and international students through Rotary Club sponsorship programs. She also helps the homeless in her community and those in need through her involvement with the Unitarian Fellowship of Salt Spring Island.


Randall Marusyk
Ottawa, Ontario

Since 2008, Randall Marusyk has been serving on the board of directors of The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. In addition to being an active member of the board, he also serves on multiple committees within the Institute, including The Ottawa Hospital Gala committee, where his fundraising efforts benefit research and patient care.


Sunita Mathur
Toronto, Ontario

For more than two decades, Sunita Mathur has devoted her time to Girl Guides of Canada by serving in a number of roles at the local, provincial and national levels, including the Board Diversity Task Group and as chair of the council of provincial commissioners. She currently serves on the national governance committee.


Daniel Matthews
Whitby, Ontario

For more than 20 years, Daniel Matthews has been serving in various executive positions with the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 112, where his efforts have contributed to the success of fundraising events and Poppy campaigns. At the same time, he has been serving on the executive of the Army Cadet League of Canada, as past-president (Ontario) and as vice-president of membership (national).


Sandi McCrory
Waterloo, Ontario

In 2011, Sandi McCrory helped launch the local Soup Sisters chapter in the Kitchener Waterloo region and, for nearly a decade, has been sharing the duties of bookings coordinator. Prior to volunteering with Soup Sisters, she was actively involved in Out of the Cold, which provides warm meals to the homeless.


Raymond Charles McGill
Courtice, Ontario

Since 1972, Raymond Charles McGill has been helping vulnerable members of his community through the Royal Canadian Legion Omemee Branch 497, and as head instructor of McGill’s House of Karate. He has advocated on behalf of veterans to reduce their isolation, and has promoted self-confidence, diversity and intergenerational learning through his karate lessons.


Michael McKay
Guelph, Ontario

Since 1982, Michael McKay has been serving on the executive of multiple community organizations including the Royal Canadian Artillery Association and the John McCrae Statue Project Planning Committee, the efforts of which resulted in the erection of statues in both Ottawa and Guelph. He has also been a member of the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires Hamilton since 2010, and is its current director.


Ronald Francis McKay
Barrie, Ontario

For the past 15 years, Ronald Francis McKay has been creating a positive atmosphere in his community through his involvement with the Simcoe County Band, which he co founded. The band performs at various festivals and entertains at nursing homes in Simcoe County.


Donald McKinnon
Ottawa, Ontario

Since 1993, Donald McKinnon has been working closely with clerks in the Intensive Care Unit at The Ottawa Hospital to facilitate family visits with their loved ones. He also provides active listening services, on-site directions and helpful information to visitors. His efforts have helped thousands of families connect with their loved ones in hospital.


Bonnie Lynne Meadows
The Pas, Manitoba

For more than 32 years, Bonnie Lynne Meadows has been devoting her time and resources to rescue as many stray and abandoned dogs as she can. She has helped save the lives of countless unwanted dogs in the region and throughout the province by relocating them to caring foster homes across Canada.


Joanne Millette
Rosemere, Quebec

Since 1976, Joanne Millette has been chairing the Girl Guides of Canada property committee, which oversees the management of various Girl Guide campgrounds. She has also served as provincial commissioner of the Quebec council, in addition to volunteering as a unit guider.


Doug Moen
Regina, Saskatchewan

For more than three decades, Doug Moen has served on the board of the Phoenix Residential Society and helped to provide care and psychosocial rehabilitation services to those in need. He has provided overall strategic direction and fiscal oversight, and helped to expand the organization’s capacity for care by aiding in the development of five additional programs serving people with disabilities.


Albert Monsour
Ottawa, Ontario

Since 1983, Albert Monsour has been coordinating charity events such as golf tournaments and dinners with the Dewaan Foundation, to benefit The Ottawa Hospital’s Cancer Centre and its patients. He also serves on multiple committees of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa and played an instrumental role in raising $4,000,000 for the St. Elias Church building committee.


Anna Monteduro
Ottawa, Ontario

Since 1984, Anna Monteduro has contributed to her family’s legacy of generosity through her leadership of the Italian Night Dinner. Along with her late father, she helped create and expand the event, which has raised over $1,000,000 for the Kidney Foundation of Canada as well as for the Kidney Research Centre at The Ottawa Hospital, which provide opportunities to enhance research, skills and training.


Susan Morrison
Kelowna, British Columbia

For nearly 40 years, Susan Morrison has been actively involved in promoting women’s education through her involvement with the Canadian Federation of University Women. She also encourages independent learning through reading by helping with the Friends of the Library and supports vulnerable people by taking part in in-residence therapies designed to ease the loneliness of seniors.


Steve Nadeau
East Angus, Quebec

For the past 12 years, Steve Nadeau has been supporting the well-being of veterans in his community and helping to reduce the suicide rate caused by isolation among this segment of the population. Through his involvement with Veterans UN NATO Canada, he organizes various social activities, including weekly get-togethers for veterans and their families.


Donna Needham
Nepean, Ontario

As a volunteer with the Intensive Care Unit of The Ottawa Hospital since 2002, Donna Needham facilitates family visits, and provides active listening support and useful information to families. As a leading board member of the Civic Auxiliary, she has helped raise millions of dollars to purchase crucial medical equipment that has benefited thousands of patients.


Janette Newcombe
London, Ontario

For nearly half a century, Janette Newcombe has been dedicating her time and efforts to the Ontario Council of the Girl Guides of Canada, serving as administrative community leader for London. She has played a key role in creating, organizing and delivering training modules for local unit guiders, and also organizes events in the community such as regional meetings and awards ceremonies.


Cécile Nicole
Montmagny, Quebec

For the past 19 years, Cécile Nicole has been dedicated to helping seniors in her community. At the Centre d’action bénévole des MRC de Montmagny et de L’Islet, she helps clients access professional health care and instills in them a sense of safety and trust.


Annette Niven
The Pas, Manitoba

Since 1977, Annette Niven has been volunteering in her community, notably with the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #19 The Pas Ladies Auxiliary, and the Social Services Appeal Board of Manitoba. As an active committee member and former president of the Legion, she has helped strengthen local services for veterans.


Primrose Paruboczy
Ottawa, Ontario

As a member of the Anglican Spiritual Care team at The Ottawa Hospital since 1989, Primrose Paruboczy has been providing spiritual guidance to patients during their hospital stay. Through her efforts, patients have found the strength and hope needed to deal with their circumstances and a means through which they can feel at peace.


Richard Percy
Orillia, Ontario

For more than a decade, Richard Percy has been volunteering with the Royal Canadian Legion #34 Orillia and #385 Aurora, attending events and celebrations of life, serving as a member of the colour party and on the sick and visiting committee. His commitments have raised the profile of the Legion in the community and have ensured members feel supported during difficult times.


Vicki Plouffe
Kanata, Ontario

Since 1985, Vicki Plouffe has been providing kind and attentive service at all three shops operated by The Ottawa Hospital Civic Auxiliary—from helping in the flower shop to finding the perfect gift or essential item to make for a more comfortable hospital stay. With the Auxiliary shop volunteer team, she helped raise over $1,000,000 for hospital medical equipment in 2019.


Louise Prouse
Surrey, British Columbia

Since 1986, Louise Prouse has been involved with the 2290 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps and the Army Cadet League of Canada British Columbia Branch. As the honours and awards chair, she ensures cadets in British Columbia are recognized for their service, and has been instrumental in planning the annual Pillars conference.


Roger Prouse
Surrey, British Columbia

Former cadet Roger Prouse is committed to ensuring youth in British Columbia have the opportunity to enjoy the cadet experience, and has been volunteering with the Army Cadet League of Canada British Columbia Branch since 2003. He was recently involved in the development of a new award for the top cadet instructor cadre officer, for which he created the eligibility criteria, display case and design for the award itself.


Sid Robinson
La Ronge, Saskatchewan

For two decades, Sid Robinson has been organizing cross-country ski events and clearing trails for the La Ronge Ski Club. He helps maintain the Club’s 50 kilometres of well-groomed trails to guarantee a successful season and, as the organizer of the annual Saskatchewan Cup, he coordinates the successful participation of 75 ski racers and 300 school students in the event.


Dana Said
Oakville, Ontario

Over the past decade, Dana Said has worked to engage high school graduates in, and rally community support for, a variety of integration programs to help them tailor their studies to their abilities. She also shares her musical and multicultural knowledge through exchange and leadership programs between the Oakville Chamber Orchestra, YMCA of Oakville and Pine Grove Public School.


Joy Saunders
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Centenarian Joy Saunders has devoted more than 30 years to the Victorian Order of Nurses in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, as a volunteer in its foot care clinic, where she helped ensure her community received timely and compassionate care. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she walked 102 kilometres before her 102nd birthday, raising more than $79,000 for VON to honour the lives of two VON front-line caregivers.


Jeff Sawatsky
Regina, Saskatchewan

For more than a decade, Jeff Sawatsky has been contributing his financial expertise in business management as a board member of the Regina Lyric Musical Theatre. By keeping the organization’s finances in order and assisting with fundraising, he has been instrumental in the theatre’s ongoing success.


Neil Sawatzky
Regina, Saskatchewan

Over the past decade, Neil Sawatzky has been bringing celebrations, fundraisers, arts events and festivals to his local communities. He has helped raise over $176,000 for local charities as a member of the Royal Road Race organizing committee, while his efforts as a board member of RuBarb Productions has brought live theatre to the residents of Moose Jaw.


Steve Scott
Tsawwassen, British Columbia

Since 1982, Steve Scott has had a significant role in the betterment of his community through his involvement with the Tsawwassen Boundary Bay Lions Club, Delta Police and Deltassist. His contributions have helped ensure the security and well-being of community members from all walks of life.


Judy Shannahan
Goulds, Newfoundland and Labrador

Judy Shannahan has been with Girl Guides of Canada since 1981, and has served as provincial commissioner and provincial special events lead. She has planned some of the most well-attended guiding events in Newfoundland and Labrador, notably the province’s celebrations to mark the 100th Anniversary of Guiding in Canada, all while visiting more than 100 units throughout the province.


Bernice Anna Jane Smith
The Pas, Manitoba

For five decades, Bernice Anna Jane Smith has been volunteering with the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #19 The Pas Ladies Auxiliary. Over these many years, she has served on several committees, has provided support to those struggling through hard times, and has helped create a sense of community through the organization and administration of Legion events.


Debra Lee Smith
The Pas, Manitoba

Since 1971, Debra Lee Smith has been volunteering with the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #19 The Pas Ladies Auxiliary, serving on several committees and organizing events as a member of the colour party. Her efforts have provided companionship to isolated community members and have ensured vulnerable members feel supported by the community during difficult times.


Darlene Stakiw
Yorkton, Saskatchewan

For five decades, Darlene Stakiw has been contributing to culture, health and recreation initiatives in her community through several local and provincial organizations, including the Yorkton Mental Health Drop-in Centre, and the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan. Her contributions enhanced recreational programming, provided safe health care to those suffering from mental illness, and promoted multiculturalism.


John Stuart
Greely, Ontario

Over the last decade, John Stuart has advocated for the well-being of veterans through his involvement with the NATO Veterans Organization of Canada. He has helped veterans to access services through his activities with the Royal Canadian Legion and spent many years involved in youth development as a Scout leader on various Canadian military bases.


Louise Sullivan
Ottawa, Ontario

For more than three decades, Louise Sullivan has been a dedicated and compassionate volunteer with the emergency department at The Ottawa Hospital’s General Campus. Known as a self-motivated and a talented mediator, she is also recognized as an advocate for her team and for her ability to resolve issues within the ER.


Kyle Taylor
Petawawa, Ontario

Since 1981, Kyle Taylor has been teaching martial arts to members of both the military and civilian communities through several Goju Karate clubs of the Canada Goju Karate Association. As president, chief instructor and administrator of the Goju Karate Club at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, he has created an inclusive environment to foster physical and mental well-being, and reinforce healthy life habits.


Solange Thériault
Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec

For the past 25 years, Solange Thériault has been helping to improve the quality of life of users of the Centre hospitalier régional du Grand-Portage, which she co-founded. She supports patients by organizing recreational activities to combat their isolation and enrich their well-being.


Ronald Theroux
Surrey, British Columbia

Ronald Theroux has been a volunteer with the Navy Cadet League of Canada for 40 years, and has served in numerous positions, such as division president of the British Columbia Mainland Division. In 1990, he co-founded the Fraser Alumni Association, which raises funds for cadet activities, facilities maintenance, and an annual scholarship awarded to distinguished cadets.


Yvonne Theroux
Surrey, British Columbia

Since 1999, Yvonne Theroux has been an active volunteer with the Navy Cadet League of Canada, serving as treasurer of the New Westminster and District Branch. She has supported the Fraser Sea Cadet Corps since 1960, serving as a lead member of the Ladies Auxiliary for nearly 20 years, and co-founded the Fraser Alumni Association, where she plays an integral part in planning the annual fundraising barbecue.


Robert Thompson
Langley, British Columbia

For more than four decades, Robert Thompson has served with various branches of the Royal Canadian Legion, visiting with school-aged youth to provide them with a greater understanding of the global role of the Canadian Armed Forces. Since 2005, he has helped mentor and train new instructors and volunteers with the Army Cadet League of British Columbia, ensuring they are better able to mediate conflict in their respective role.


Derrick Thue
Regina, Saskatchewan

Derrick Thue has been an active board member with the Phoenix Residential Society for 30 years, serving as chair of the board, as well as chair of both the governance and audit and finance committees. He has helped the organization expand its capacity for care by developing five new programs for people with disabilities.


Reginald Tweten
Regina, Saskatchewan

Reginald Tweten has been volunteering with the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 001 for 30 years. In addition to participating in the annual Poppy Campaign, he has devoted himself to educating youth on the meaning of Remembrance Day by visiting classrooms and organizing services for students at the Regina Armoury over the past nine years.


Janet Uffelman

In 2011, Janet Uffelman helped establish the Kitchener Waterloo Soup Sisters chapter and continues to serve as a bookings coordinator, in addition to helping with monthly soup-making workshops. Since 2009, she has also volunteered with Grandmothers to Grandmothers, which helps women who are raising grandchildren orphaned by AIDS.


Shelly Ullery
Ocala, Florida (USA)

For two decades, Shelly Ullery contributed her time and energy to help people in St. Albert and Edmonton better understand the justice system and police services. She helped officers work on their mental health, educated youth about the police service and training opportunities, and senior citizens about fraud, and increased community engagement in crime prevention.


Peggy Vink
Russell, Ontario

Since 1996, Peggy Vink has been serving Girl Guides of Canada as a volunteer photographer, graphic designer and unit guider. As the newspaper editor and communications volunteer for LEAP 2019 (the first-ever Girl Guide camp sponsored by the Ontario and Nunavut councils), she helped girls find their authentic voices by reporting, writing and publishing their own stories.


Samara Visram
Toronto, Ontario

As founder of the Catholic Archdiocese of Mombasa Schools, Samara Visram has been helping the village of Kikambala, Kenya build a sustainable and accessible secondary school since 2013. She secured a donation of land from the local church and worked with the community to design the school which, when completed, will provide village youth with the opportunity to pursue an education.


Norma Weiner
Waterloo, Ontario

Over the past decade, through Soup Sisters Kitchener/Waterloo, Norma Weiner has been providing healthy and hearty soups to those in need, particularly clients of Reaching Our Outdoor Friends and the Women’s Crisis Service. As volunteer coordinator, she recruits and trains new volunteers, and ensures they are available to attend soup-making workshops.


Marion Weir
Langley, British Columbia

Since 1981, Marion Weir has served Girl Guides of Canada in such crucial roles as provincial camp and training advisor for Camp SOAR, which accommodates over 2 500 girls and staff. As area commissioner, she established a wellness committee to make mental health resources readily available to both girls and guiders.


Susan Welsh
Pointe-Claire, Quebec

An active member of Girl Guides of Canada for more than 20 years, Susan Welsh has been contributing to various teams and committees, such as the fund development team, the grow guiding team and the property committee. She has served as director of council operations for the Quebec Council, and helped mentor and train new volunteers.


Janet Wilson
Regina, Saskatchewan

Since 2003, Janet Wilson has been helping to bring live theatre to her community through her efforts with the Regina Lyric Musical Theatre. As president, she has helped ensure the organization’s ongoing financial and operational success, and has contributed her talents to productions by serving backstage in numerous capacities.


Orest J. Wilura
Kitchener, Ontario

Since 1981, Orest J. Wilura has been tirelessly volunteering with the Lions Club, making a difference in communities throughout southwestern Ontario and across Canada. His dedication to youth and the needs of children has not only changed many lives for the better but has also helped shape young leaders who will follow in his steps and continue his remarkable legacy.


Travis Young
Sydney, Nova Scotia

For 17 years, Travis Young dedicated himself to enriching the lives of people in his community. Through his involvement with the Local Service District of Sheaves Cove, he helped to rehabilitate the community centre and to expand and maintain the municipal cemetery, where he also served  as a liaison with the local parish for 14 years.


Joanne Zuk
Windsor, Ontario

Since 2007, Joanne Zuk has been helping members of vulnerable communities file their taxes through the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program at Family Services Windsor-Essex. She assists clients with forms for child tax benefits and rebates, and does everything she can to ensure they receive their benefits, sometimes filing several years’ worth of returns at once.