Excerpt from Her Excellency’s statement on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


[Screen Description: The screen reads, “Mary Simon, Governor General of Canada” in English and French. The background is dark blue and the viceregal lion is in the centre of the image, above the text. A watermark at the bottom of the image indicates that this video is owned by Rideau Hall.]

[Screen Description: Governor General Simon is speaking into a microphone in a room at Rideau Hall.]

[Governor General Mary Simon:] Her Majesty cared about people, about our well-being.

[Screen Description: Throughout the video, the screen alternates between Governor General Simon and a series of images of The Queen during various visits to Canada.]

[Governor General Mary Simon:] She learned our stories as she visited every corner of Canada during her many Royal Tours. She called Canada her "second home". On behalf of all Canadians, we offer our sincere condolences to the Royal Family. To the entire Royal Family and to the Commonwealth in mourning, our thoughts are with you.

[Screen Description: A black-and-white image of The Queen on a black background. To the left of the image, text reads, “Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, In memoriam, 1926-2022.”]

[Screen Description: Text on a dark blue background reads, “Photos courtesy of: Department of Canadian Heritage 6813628453; Department of Canadian Heritage 813628599; The Associated Press P1973; Sgt Joanne Stoeckl, Rideau Hall – GG02-1011-007; Sgt Joanne Stoeckl, Rideau Hall – GG02-1034-31; John Howe / Library and Archives Canada – PA-168607; Malak Karsh / Library and Archives Canada – c007749-v8; Cpl Dany Veillette, Rideau Hall – GG2010-0355-001.]

[Screen Description: The viceregal lion on a dark blue background. A watermark at the bottom of the image indicates that this video is owned by Rideau Hall.]