New Year’s message from the Governor General


December 30, 2021

OTTAWA - A new year gives us a new beginning and new hope for tomorrow.

We have seen hope in the everyday.

Even after a hard year, Canadians are showing resilience, compassion and adaptability.

These Canadians inspire me to keep working, to keep seeking out better ways to help our communities and our children thrive.

In Inuktitut, there is a concept called ajuinnata. Although it means commitment, a promise, a vow, it’s also so much more—we find meaning in its action. 

Together, we are combating the COVID-19 pandemic with vaccinations and public health measures.

Together, we are thinking of creative and innovative solutions to save our planet.

Together, we are walking the path of reconciliation, on a lifelong journey of healing, respect and understanding.

With every hard question we ask, we find answers to how we can make Canada a truly inclusive and sustainable country.

Mary Simon