Episode 4


[Rideau Hall Guide:] Excellency, what’s the one touching memory that you will carry with you through this experience?

[His Excellency the Right Honourable Richard Wagner (Administrator of the Government of Canada):] I have to tell you that every time I was presiding [over] a ceremony to give an award to Canadians, whether it be for the Order of Canada, whether it be for other types of … of … of orders like the bravery, for instance, merit, it was always touching, it was always moving because you would see Canadians, you would discover talents, you would discover Canadians that contributed to the success of this country, and in … in … in giving them the awards … with their family around, their friends, you could see the pride that these people have, and the pride that I had too, to see all those Canadians that have contributed to our country.

So, it was always very emotional, and I suspect that it will always remain the same for the future as well if there are other ceremonies. But the other thing that I … that I discovered, because I did not have the chance to work with them that closely before, is working with the staff, the employees of Rideau Hall—people of good faith, people who want … who want to do the right thing the right way, and who were there for me all the time. And so, I discovered those people, those human beings, and for me it was … it was a ... a great thing and a great human experience, and it will stay with me forever.

[Rideau Hall Guide:] Thank you.