Episode 2


[Rideau Hall Guide:] Excellency, so after many months of accomplishing the roles of an administrator, what’s your biggest takeaway?

[His Excellency the Right Honourable Richard Wagner (Administrator of the Government of Canada):] Well, what I discovered through those activities for the last couple of months is to what extent we have strong institutions in Canada, and I learned things that I did not know before … and a counterweight in every … in every position, you know, the solidity of our institutions. We are doing the things the right way and we are … we are accountable. People are accountable for their actions and you discover that in the machinery of government. So for me, it was in a way reassuring, although I had not really any doubts, but it was a way to confirm to what extent we are lucky to … to live in a country with such strong institutions.

[Rideau Hall Guide:] Thank you.