Interview with Roberta Bondar, Companion of the Order of Canada


Intro: Piano music plays

Voice-over: A scientist, an environmental advocate, Roberta Bondar, continues to inspire Canadians.

Roberta Bondar: It's a historic moment when, for example, there are all women companions and then the Governor General's an astronaut and then the first one up that's a companion is an astronaut, so to me it was a historic time in Canadian history. I mean really, when will we get to that again? So that itself was incredible. I do find events that recognize excellence are one's that make us proud of that person's accomplishment, but also what we can accomplish in the country, and that's what I feel. It's not, it's not just about me as a person, maybe about what I've accomplished, but it's about what we're able to accomplish and the kinds of things that can inspire other people.