Tad Milmine - Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers Recipient


GG Julie Payette: But you are here today because you’ve been nominated, because you’ve done something extraordinary, you’ve pushed the definition of volunteerism even further.

MC: Tad Milmine. Tad Milmine has spent countless hours speaking out against bullying at high schools and youth organizations across the country and abroad. He is a model of determination and resiliency within the LGBTQ community. Mr. Milmine.

Tad: Well for me, the reason why I’m so inspired to keep doing it is because on a daily basis, I get probably several dozen if not one hundred emails from young people and those emails are telling me what’s going on in schools and the challenges they’re facing, and how alone some of these individuals are feeling. There are so many young people out there who just need that little bit of support or guidance or just a little extra assistance in their day, and it’s a privilege and honour that I get to be that person.