Canada Day 2018


Hello everyone!

You must have noticed that the eyes of the world are currently focused on ‘The Beautiful Game’.

And in 8 years’ time, it will be Canada’s turn to co-host the World Cup and be the centre of attention.

It will be an historic occasion – and a chance for Canada to demonstrate that the values of soccer – well, the values of sports, really -- are Canadian values. Teamwork, perseverance, fair play, excellence.

I’ve been Governor General for almost a year now and it’s been a quite a ride! As I make my way to every province and territory from coast to coast to coast I am privileged to meet exceptional Canadians from all origins and to see Canada from a new perspective.

I had the opportunity to cheer on our Canadian athletes in PyeongChang. It was Canada’s best-ever showing at games. They make us so proud!

I’ve met men and women in uniform and their families. They serve and defend our country here and elsewhere in the world.

I’ve been so impressed by the warmth, wisdom and know-how of Indigenous peoples. They enrich our society in so many ways.

And one of my favourite things is to meet young people who are so curious and full of ideas. They are our future.

We are fortunate. Canada is a country where so much is possible and where we can dare to dream. But let us not forget to be true to our values. And to remain open, caring and engaged.

Hey, summer has reached our northern latitudes. On this Canada Day and onward, I encourage you to appreciate and discover our vast country in your own way. Have fun and make the most of this beautiful season.

I for one love to be outside and I take every opportunity to get moving. I don’t have the talent of Christine Sinclair and I’ll never play in a World Cup – but I don’t let that stop me.

I just wish I could bike more often. Anything to keep mind and body active!

Wherever you are today, whether you’re in in Canada or abroad, wear your maple leaf proudly. This is your celebration.

Happy Canada Day!