State Visit to Finland - Day 3

February 09, 2023

  • Governor General Simon standing on a stage, speaking into a microphone. She is addressing a crowd of people seated in front of her.
  • Governor General Simon standing at a podium and addressing a crowd.
  • Three people sitting behind a wooden table. They each have a microphone in front of them. The person seated in the middle is speaking.
  • Governor General Simon sitting in an audience. Sauli Niinistö, President of the Republic of Finland, is seated next to her.
  • Governor General Simon shaking a student’s hand. There are other people around them.
  • Governor General Simon walking inside a building and smiling at students. There are people standing behind her. The students are holding flags of Finland and Canada.
  • Governor General Simon talking to a student. Her hands are resting on his shoulders. There are other students around her and a man is standing behind her.
  • Governor General Simon and a man sitting on a red bench. There are students standing in front of them, talking and holding a piece of paper. There are some people standing behind them.
  • Governor General Simon standing outside and listening to a man talk. They are both wearing headsets. Two people are standing behind them.
  • Governor General Simon standing outside next to a man. They are both wearing headsets. One person is standing in the background in front of an airplane.