The Queen’s legacy in Canada

September 08, 2022

  • Princess Elizabeth, wearing a fur coat, shakes hands with an RCMP officer while three other officers stand at attention. The officers are wearing red dress uniforms. A ship and nautical flags are in the background.
  • The Queen, dressed in a uniform, is riding her horse side-saddle. She is wearing white gloves and saluting with her right hand.
  • A black-and-white photo of The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh seated in two thrones, in the Senate Chamber of Parliament. The Queen reads from a speech as the Duke looks on. They are both in formal attire.
  • The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are accompanied by a man in uniform carrying a large wreath. A crowd of people, many in uniform, stand behind them. A flagpole bears the Canadian flag.
  • The Queen Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh, both wearing formal attire, pose for a portrait. The Queen is seated on a light blue chair. A floral arrangement is on a table behind her.
  • The Queen, in a red dress and matching hat, walks beside and smiles at the Mayor of Ottawa. The Mayor wears a dark suit and the chain of office.
  • A black-and-white photo of The Queen, in a floral hat, sitting in a trolley, with Lester B. Pearson and another man in the seats behind her. The words “Montréal 1967” are printed on the side of the trolley.
  • The Queen, dressed in a blue coat and hat, is seated at a wooden table. There is a large document on the table. Several politicians and others stand by watching. They are all standing on a large red carpet.
  • The Queen, dressed in a blue coat and hat, is seated at a wooden table. She is signing a document. Then-Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau is also seated at the table. Three other men look on.
  • The Queen, wearing a formal dress, the Order of Canada insignia and a jeweled tiara, sits at a table. The table is draped with cloth, and a flower arrangement is in the foreground.
  • Then-Governor General David Johnston and Mrs. Siân Matthews, from Canada Post, unveil a commemorative stamp in honour of The Queen. The stamp features a colour image of Her Majesty and an older, black-and-white photo from her youth.
  • The Queen, holding a bouquet of flowers in her arms, smiles and poses. She is dressed in formal attire and wears the Order of Canada and other insignia.
  • The Queen stands beside a stained glass window installment. A set of red curtains hangs on either side of the window. The Queen is accompanied by five other people.
  • Bust of The Queen carved in stone on the side of a pillar.
  • A stained glass window comprising images of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II, the Royal Crown, their respective cyphers and arms, and two depictions of the Parliament of Canada.