The Queen throughout her visits to Canada

September 08, 2022

  • The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are being driven in a black convertible. A large crowd of people wave to them. A church stands in the background.
  • Then-Princess Elizabeth, wearing a long, fur coat, walks past a crowd of people. Several photographers are kneeling before her to take photos.
  • The Queen sits between two Indigenous men wearing ceremonial headdresses.
  • The Queen accepts a bouquet of flowers from an Indigenous child dressed in traditional clothing. The Duke of Edinburgh is behind her. A crowd of people are in the background.
  • The Queen shakes hands with a woman wearing a kerchief, while two other women in similar attire look on.
  • The Queen, in a blue parka and burgundy hat, smiles at two Inuit Elders in traditional attire. A child holding a small Canadian flag looks on. A crowd of people are in the background.
  • The Queen, dressed in white and carrying a bouquet of flowers, is greeted by a child wearing a white-and-blue ceremonial coat and hat. Two officials look on, while a crowd of people stand behind them.
  • The Queen, wearing a purple coat and matching hat, walks past a group of cadets in uniform, standing at attention.
  • The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh speak with Governor General Adrienne Clarkson and John Ralston Saul. They are standing on the tarmac of an airport, beside a plane.
  • The Queen, dressed in a beige coat and matching hat, receives a bouquet of flowers from two children. A crowd of people stand behind them. Several flags on flagpoles are in the background.
  • The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh wave from atop a set of stairs connected to a plane.
  • The Queen stands next to then-Governor General Michaëlle Jean and Jean-Daniel Lafond. They are outside an airport. An RCMP officer and other security personnel are behind them.
  • Wearing a beige rain jacket, The Queen walks beside an Indigenous woman wearing a beaded headband and two medals.
  • The Queen, in a red outfit and white-and-red hat, holds a bouquet of flowers and waves. She is smiling. Then-Prime Minister Stephen Harper stands next to her, wearing a dark suit with a red tie.
  • The Queen smiles as she receives flowers from a child wearing a Girl Guide uniform. Then-Prime Minister Stephen Harper looks on. A crowd of people and the Parliament Buildings are in the background.