Pope Francis' visit to Canada - Edmonton

July 25, 2022

  • Governor General Simon is shaking hands with Pope Francis.
  • Governor General Simon and Pope Francis sitting together.
  • Four people beating drums.
  • Two people are standing in front of Pope Francis. Pope Francis is kissing one of their hands.
  • Pope Francis is delivering remarks. He is flanked by two Indigenous leaders.
  • Pope Francis is wearing an Indigenous headdress. Indigenous leaders are standing around him.
  • Governor General Simon is smiling as she stops to speak to people seated in an audience.
  • A performer dressed in bright colours is performing a dance.
  • Pope Francis is seated on stage with Indigenous leaders.
  • A woman is crying with her eyes closed in a crowd of people.
  • People wearing traditional Indigenous headdresses. A man is bent over with his eyes closed. A man has his hand on his shoulder.
  • A woman dressed in traditional Indigenous clothing is crying out.