Pope Francis' visit to Canada - Iqaluit

July 29, 2022

  • A large stage decorated with mountainous scenery. Performers are singing and playing instruments on the right side of the stage. Pope Francis and another man sit on the left side of the stage.
  • Governor General Mary Simon is sitting amongst a crowd. She is looking straight ahead.
  • Women are sitting in a crowd.
  • A man wearing traditional Inuit clothing plays a qilaut.
  • Pope Francis is delivering a speech. He is sitting on a white chair and has sheets of paper in his hands.
  • Musicians dressed in traditional Inuit clothing are performing. Governor General Simon, Pope Francis and several other people are watching.
  • Pope Francis shakes the hand of a woman. The woman is wearing traditional Inuit clothing. Governor General Simon and Mr. Fraser smile in the background.
  • Pope Francis and Governor General Simon face each other. They are talking and smiling. There are people around them.