Platinum Jubilee

February 06, 2022

  • Black-and-white photo of a young Queen Elizabeth II. She is waving to the crowd from the back seat of a convertible. She is wearing a hat, a pearl necklace and gloves.
  •  Queen Elizabeth II is standing at an open entryway. The sign above the entry says ‘Exit-Sortie’. She is wearing a pink floral coat with matching hat and white gloves, and is carrying a white purse.
  • Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh are seated in a pair of thrones. The Queen is wearing a cream-coloured dress, a crown and a navy blue sash. The Duke is wearing a full military uniform. A Canada flag is to the Queen’s immediate right.
  • Queen Elizabeth II is walking outside. She is wearing a blue-and-white ensemble and carrying a bouquet of flowers. A crowd looks on.
  • Queen Elizabeth II walks past a group of Inuit residents. She is wearing a fuchsia-coloured dress and matching hat, with a blue overcoat and black gloves.
  • Queen Elizabeth II is dressed in a powder-blue ensemble with a matching hat. She is walking in front of a row of Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers in traditional uniforms. Two other officers look on from her right.
  • Queen Elizabeth II is wearing a wide-brimmed hat with yellow flowers and a light-tan-coloured trench coat. She holds a bouquet of flowers. A young boy stands in front of her. The Duke of Edinburgh trails behind her.
  • Queen Elizabeth II is dressed in a cream-coloured dress and wears a crown. She is holding a pair of white gloves. She is standing in front of a portrait of Queen Victoria. There is a Canada flag in the background.