Winter Celebration

February 09, 2019

Rideau Hall’s annual Winter Celebration was a remarkable success, offering visitors an opportunity to celebrate the magic of winter.

  • The Governor General greets guests.
  • The Governor General walks outdoors in in her winter coat.  She is surrounded by a crowd of people.
  • There is a large crowd standing outdoors in winter.  In the center of the photo are two rows of people strapped to large multi-persons cross-country skis.  They are at a start line getting ready to being a friendly race.
  • A young man wearing a tuque and a winter coat plays a game with wooden pieces.  Her Excellency stands behind him, smiling, in her winter coat.
  • The front façade of Rideau Hall. In front of the residence is a large group of people all dressed in winter gear, walking along the main path.
  • A crowd of people dressed in winter gear walk along the main path of Rideau Hall.
  • A photo of the Rideau Hall skating rink.  In the fore-ground, people are playing hockey, in the back, people are enjoying free skating.
  • Two brown horses pull people seated on a large red wagon.  They are being pulled along a cleared snow path with trees on either side.
  • Half a dozen volunteers in winter gear serve raclette to visitors.
  • A group of youths play drums and perform a traditional Inuit dance. The flag of Nunavut is displayed behind them.
  • People sit around a fire, roasting marshmallows.