Visit to Armoury of Les Voltigeurs de Québec

February 13, 2019

The Governor General visited the armoury of Les Voltigeurs de Québec, while in Québec, on February 13, 2019.

  • Governor General Julie Payette is standing on a dais and looks at an Honour Guard of two rows of 8 reservists in combat uniform.
  • Governor General Julie Payette, accompanied by a group of about 10 people walk in the entrance hall of the Armoury of Les Voltigeurs de Québec.
  • A men in a suit and wearing a black feathered hat talks to Governor General who listens attentively.
  • Governor General Julie Payette looks directly at the photographer, while she is sitting a table, pen in hand ready to sign a document. A men wearing a uniform is standing to her right.
  • Very large shot of a large dark room with a lighted stage on which a singer is in rehearsal.