Navy Bike Ride

June 08, 2019

The Governor General attended Navy Bike Day, a non-competitive, fun and family-friendly activity for all ages.

  • The Governor General shakes hands with a Navy Bike Ride organizer upon arriving at the event
  • Participants line up at the starting line, moments before beginning the course.
  • Participants depart from the start line and begin the course.
  • The governor general cycles along Sussex Drive with other participants
  • A family cycles by the Queen Elizabeth II statue on Sussex Drive
  • The Governor General cycles next to a Navy Bike Ride participant
  • The Governor General cycles along Sussex Drive alongside Navy Bike Ride participants
  • The Governor General cycles past the Canadian Museum of History with other participants
  • Participants cycle past the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica on Sussex Drive
  • The Governor General rides towards the finish line in the final leg of the course