Dare to Dream

November 01, 2019

Dare to Dream showcases breathtaking photographs of Canada taken from space and an exclusive display of objects, gear and keepsakes from Governor General Payette’s personal collection.

  • The Dare to Dream exhibition will be presented at Rideau Hall until 2022.
  • Display of photographs taken by astronauts.
  • The Canadarm2 is one of the most sophisticated space robots ever built.
  • Display of photographs of Canadian provinces and territories taken by astronauts.
  • Helmet worn by Governor General Payette while flying on NASA T-38 jets.
  • Notepad used by Governor General Payette on Space Shuttle Endeavour.
  • One half of one of the frangible nuts that was holding the stack of Space Shuttle Endeavour on Governor General Payette’s 2009 mission STS-127.
  • Patches from every Canadian astronaut mission to date.
  • MAP book similar to an atlas used by astronauts in space to help them identify geographical locations from space.
  • Part of the Dare to Dream exhibition, presented at Rideau Hall until 2022.