Message from the Governor General on Commonwealth Day

March 11, 2024

The Commonwealth represents a wealth of cultures, languages, experiences and backgrounds. Today, we celebrate what ties us all together: a shared commitment to improving our communities, protecting our planet and climate, and addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by an interconnected world. In doing so, we are creating a bright future for generations to come, and ensuring the social, environmental and economic well-being of all peoples. 

Across continents and oceans, we have built bridges of understanding, friendship and collaboration. Canada joins with its fellow Commonwealth members in facing the future—our common future— with open eyes and with resilience. We believe that we can best address global challenges and build stronger communities by using the power of dialogue, with respect, understanding, diversity and equality at the root of everything we do.

This Commonwealth Day, let us remember that we can work together to create a more inclusive world. May our shared values and collective efforts continue to strengthen the bonds of friendship and co-operation that unite us.

Mary Simon

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