Message from the Governor General on Bell Let’s Talk Day

January 24, 2024

Today, on Bell Let’s Talk Day, we are reminded of the simple power that a single conversation can have in creating real change and reducing stigma for mental health challenges.

I’ve had experiences in my life that have left me with a lifelong commitment to ensuring that we treat mental health as a fundamental aspect of our overall well-being—as equally important as our physical health.

We also need to normalize open dialogue. You may never know how much you are helping someone by approaching them and saying, “let’s talk.” I am encouraged to see a younger generation who are more open about the importance of speaking up about mental health and sharing their healing journeys.

I encourage Canadians to seek out support and to offer a helping hand or a kind ear. Together, we can break down barriers, foster empathy, and build a more inclusive and compassionate society.

Mary Simon

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