Statement from the Governor General after the Meeting between Indigenous Leaders and His Majesty King Charles III

May 4, 2023

LONDON, United Kingdom—Today was a historic day for Indigenous peoples, for Canada, and for our relationship with the Crown. Days before his Coronation, His Majesty King Charles III showed his commitment to reconciliation in a meeting with Indigenous leaders.

The King understands the importance of walking the path of reconciliation with Canada and Indigenous peoples. Discussions like these are vital. They will start slowly, and grow, forming the pillars of a renewed relationship with Indigenous peoples that is based on respect and understanding.

I have often said that reconciliation is not one act, nor does it have an end date. It is a process we build on, piece by piece. It is a path we must walk together, all of us—Indigenous, non-Indigenous, the Crown. And while we know words are important, it is through our actions that we can make the most difference. I will continue to encourage all Canadians, as well as the Crown, to take action on reconciliation.

I thank His Majesty for his dedication, and I thank the National Indigenous leaders for their participation in this audience, the first of its kind. I have great hope for an improved Crown-Indigenous relationship in the coming years.

Mary Simon

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