National Day of Remembrance of the Québec City Mosque Attack and Action Against Islamophobia

January 29, 2023

On January 29, 2017, six men were killed at the Centre culturel islamique de Québec. These men had just finished evening prayers. The attack was fueled by hate and fear.

That one attack brought the issue of Islamophobia to the forefront of our collective awareness. It also brought about important truths: how hate is easy to spread, and how hate can be countered with understanding and education. It starts by reaching out to people of all faiths, creeds and backgrounds, by asking questions about this vibrant and diverse community. People cannot be painted with a single brushstroke, nor can communities, races or religions.

Despite the challenges they continue to face, Muslims in Canada have remained resilient, showing strength and kindness, and always coming together to support one another.

We all have a responsibility to dispel Islamophobia and hate in all its forms, to confront preconceptions and to create a Canada that is truly respectful and inclusive.

Today, we remember those who were brutally slain, as well as the families who lost loved ones. And we collectively vow to do better and be better on behalf of every person who has confronted bigotry.

Mary Simon

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