Message from the Governor General

June 21, 2023

It was with great sadness that we learned of the accident that claimed the lives of two members of the 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron, in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). Our thoughts are also with two other members who were injured as a result of this devastating crash. 

As commander-in-chief, I have seen first-hand the loyalty, integrity, courage, excellence and dedication with which the members of the Canadian Armed Forces do their job. Today, we are reminded, tragically once again, that their job is also dangerous. Yet, our Canadian Armed Forces’ members serve their country despite these dangers, and we, as a nation, are grateful. My heart goes out to the families and loved ones of those who lost their lives. They will also be truly missed by those who served alongside them.

Through this difficult time, I know that the members of the RCAF will support each other and lean on each other for solace. Thank you to all first responders and those who participated in the search and rescue efforts over the last day. 

On behalf of my husband, Whit, and all Canadians, we extend our sincerest condolences.

Mary Simon

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