Message from the Governor General on the occasion of Remembrance Day

November 11, 2022

On Remembrance Day—and every day—let us honour the great service and sacrifice made by our veterans.

History has shown that the members of our Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) are devoted to serving this country and protecting the values we hold dear. They do so with professionalism and an unmatched sense of duty.

Time and again, our members in uniform have shown their courage and resilience. Our troops contributed to victories in two World Wars—at Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele; Normandy and Dieppe—and in many other conflicts. We earned the respect of our allies and found our voice and footing on the world stage.

But the CAF’s excellence extends beyond moments of battle. Our troops helped rebuild shattered communities in Canada and around the world, after wildfires, hurricanes or war. They maintained peace between nations, acting as an impartial presence to reduce tensions, to provide humanitarian aid and to improve chances of a peaceful outcome. And they assist in training and mentoring the next generation of national and international guardians, peacekeepers and protectors. 

As commander-in-chief, whenever there has been the opportunity to meet with serving members of the CAF or with veterans, I have seen first-hand their commitment and dedication to community and country. We can do no less than support them and their families for all that they do.

As we mark another Remembrance Day, I encourage everyone to listen to and share the stories of bravery and heroism that each veteran carries. I urge young people in particular to take on the mantle of remembrance and to learn how the sacrifice of veterans has changed the world. In this way, we honour the memories of the fallen and embrace the change that needs to happen to create the peaceful world we all deserve.

Lest we forget.

Mary Simon

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