Message from the Governor General of Canada on the occasion of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

September 30, 2022

Today is an important day, not just for Indigenous peoples, but for all Canadians. The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is a day to reflect and to remind ourselves that when we acknowledge truth, listen to one another, and work together, we can build a more prosperous country where all of us have equal access to services and opportunities.

Reconciliation is all around us. It isn’t limited to just one day, one moment, one act. In the past year, I have seen truth and reconciliation in action. I have seen it in school children learning about our true history. I have seen it in communities celebrating their cultural heritage. I have seen it in the stories of Indigenous successes and challenges, told by Survivors, Elders, leaders, storytellers, traditional healers, community members and youth. I have seen the hope in reconciliation.  

Of course, Canada has more work to do. Reconciliation is committing ourselves to ongoing understanding and respect. It is remembering the pain caused by residential schools and the children who never made it home. But it is also celebrating joyful cultural expressions. Because this day is a mixture of every emotion, just like life itself.

It has been heartening to see Canadians moving forward side by side and I will continue to champion Indigenous languages, culture and healing. I ask that you join me on this journey and I encourage you to start the conversation at school, at work, at home: What will you do, today, tomorrow and every day, to be part of a better Canada, one that reflects us all?  

Mary Simon

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