Message from the Governor General of Canada following a visit to areas of Prince Edward Island affected by Hurricane Fiona

October 30, 2022

CHARLOTTETOWN, Prince Edward Island—Today, Whit and I visited communities in Prince Edward Island to see the damage and devastation caused by last month’s Hurricane Fiona. Our hearts go out to the residents of Prince Edward Island, and to all those in Atlantic Canada dealing with the aftermath of this disaster.

We were heartbroken to see the damage still evident across the province: the loss of home and business. Wreckage of nature and the most basic infrastructure. Harm to fishers, to crops and to the tourist industry. But what hit us most of all were meeting the people who have to live with this impact, whose livelihoods are directly affected—whose primary job now is to rebuild. But they will not do so alone. In P.E.I. and across Atlantic Canada, there are communities who have come together following this tragedy and who have all shown great strength. We are inspired by their actions.

Yet, even with this display of strength, there is a need to help people heal, not only physically, but also emotionally. And a need to heal our planet as well. The mental toll of this hurricane was overwhelming, and so, too, is the overall impact of climate change. It is up to all of us to act responsibly and sustainably, particularly as we turn to recovery. 

We want to thank the first responders who have stepped up to the challenges of the last month. We also deeply appreciate the considerable and ongoing efforts from those across the country who are working in difficult conditions to heal hearts, minds and homes. On behalf of all Canadians, Whit and I would like to extend condolences and offer our support to those dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona.

Mary Simon

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