Message from the Governor General on the closing ceremony of the 2022 Winter Paralympics

March 13, 2022

Ottawa, Ontario—The Winter Paralympics of 2022 are coming to a close and, on behalf of all Canadians, Whit and I would like to congratulate all of the athletes on their tremendous success. We also wish to thank their coaches, trainers, volunteers, family and friends—everyone who has supported these talented Canadians.

The Paralympics appeal to the best in us. The dedication that is required to become a Paralympian requires nothing less than consistent effort over a lifetime. To persist through injury, setbacks, loss of motivation, and countless other hardships.

This attitude represents the spirit of ajuinnata, an Inuktitut phrase that means, among other things, to never give up! Paralympians are shining examples of this concept. Your perseverance and hard work reminds us all of our potential ability to turn adversity into strength. Thank you for showcasing Canadian excellence to the world.

Go Team Canada!

Mary Simon

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