An updated register to mark the 100th anniversary of the Arms of Canada

November 19, 2021

OTTAWA—On the eve of the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Arms of Canada, the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General (OSGG) is pleased to announce the launch of an updated version of the Public Register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada.

The Public Register is the official repository of coats of arms, flags and badges created or recorded by the Canadian Heraldic Authority since its creation in 1988 within OSGG. The upgrade to the online version of this register will improve access to this important resource in addition to promoting Canadian heraldry worldwide.

The platform includes a powerful engine that functions with a wider variety of both technical and everyday terms. It presents search results in the form of images and makes it easier to access individual records. This easy-to-use discovery tool is intended for anyone interested in looking for inspiration to express their identity or in finding out more about Canada’s symbolic heritage.

The Arms of Canada rank among the country’s best-known emblems. Developed following the First World War to express Canada’s emerging identity as an autonomous nation, this official symbol of Canadian sovereignty was proclaimed by King George V on November 21, 1921. It can now be seen on federal buildings and in courtrooms, as well as on passports, money, seals, proclamations and publications.


“Canadian heraldry is admired around the world for being an art form grounded in history while remaining an accessible and innovative way to express identity in a visual and symbolic way. The launch of this enhanced version of the online Public Register as we mark the 100th anniversary of the Arms of Canada is a perfect way to showcase our history through art.”

Dr. Samy Khalid, Chief Herald of Canada

Quick facts

  • The governor general is the head of the Canadian Heraldic Authority, which is the federal service responsible for creating and registering coats of arms, flags and badges.
  • The Canadian Heraldic Authority was established as part of the Governor General’s office on June 4, 1988.
  • More information about the Arms of Canada can be found here.
  • The Public Register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada contains the heraldic emblems that have been granted, registered, approved or confirmed by the Canadian Heraldic Authority .


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