Royal Victorian Order

Established by Queen Victoria on April 21, 1896, the Royal Victorian Order rewards extraordinary, important or personal services performed for the Sovereign or the Royal Family. The Order may be conferred by The King of Canada to recognize services rendered to the Sovereign or to members of the Royal Family during Royal visits to Canada. Names of Canadian recipients are published in the Canada Gazette.

Description of the insignia

The insignia of the Order consists of a Maltese cross of eight points, in the centre of which is an oval of crimson enamel with the Royal Cypher—VRI (Victoria Regina Imperatrix)—superimposed one letter on the other in gold. Encircling the Royal Cypher is a blue enamel ribbon with the motto VICTORIA in gold. The Imperial State Crown sits atop the ribbon. 

Commanders receive a two-inch badge with a white-enamelled cross; Lieutenants a one-and-one-half-inch badge with a white-enamelled cross; and Members a one-and-one-half-inch badge with a frosted silver cross.

For more information on the Order visit the official website.