Order of Merit of the Police Forces

Established in October 2000, the Order of Merit of the Police Forces honours the leadership and exceptional service or distinctive merit displayed by the men and women of the Canadian Police Services, and recognizes their commitment to this country. The primary focus is on exceptional merit, contributions to policing and community development. 

His Majesty King Charles III is the Order’s Sovereign, the governor general is its Chancellor and a Commander, and the commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is its Principal Commander.

For more information on the Order, as well as eligibility and nominations, please visit the website of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.


Description of the insignia

The badge of the Order is the same as that of the Order of Military Merit, a blue-enamelled, straight-end cross (four arms, narrow at the centre, wider at the ends) with an annulus in red surmounted by St. Edward’s Crown. The annulus bears the inscription MERIT.MÉRITE.CANADA.

The ribbon consists of three equal bands of blue, gold and blue.