Order of Merit

The Order of Merit was instituted by King Edward VII in 1902, on the occasion of his coronation. This award is conferred by the Sovereign in exercise of the Royal Prerogative to persons who have rendered exceptionally meritorious service to the Crown, in armed services or towards the advancement of arts, literature and science, or to persons upon whom the Sovereign sees fit to confer the honour.

Membership in the Order consists of the Sovereign and not more than 24 living members. Members of the Order of Merit have the right to use the postnominals “OM”. However, the Order carries no title or rank. It is awarded to citizens of countries of which His Majesty King Charles III is The King. However, it may also be awarded to an unlimited number of honorary members, but is rarely awarded to citizens of countries of which The King is not head of State. For more information on the Order, please visit the official website of the British Monarchy.

Description of the insignia