George Douglas Anderson

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Toronto, Ontario
Grant of Arms
March 5, 2003
Vol. IV, p. 273

Arms of George Douglas Anderson
Arms of George Douglas Anderson
Arms of George Douglas Anderson

Arms of George Douglas Anderson


Per saltire Argent and Azure a saltire per saltire counterchanged between in chief and in base a maple leaf Gules and in each flank a maple leaf Argent;


The design is an allusion to the arms of the Chief of the name Anderson in Scotland, but in blue and white rather than black and white. The stars in the original arms are replaced by maple leaves, each representing a province where Mr. Anderson's career has unfolded.



Issuant from a circlet Or the upper rim set with bezants, a demi lion Gules holding in its dexter paw a scroll Argent;


The gold discs, heraldic symbols of wealth and economic activity, symbolize Mr. Anderson's involvement with various financial institutions and projects. The red lion refers to Mr. Anderson's Scottish ancestry, while the scroll is a reference to educational achievement and the pursuit of learning.



(in Gaelic);


A Gaelic phrase meaning "Good things happen".



Canada Gazette Information

The announcement of the letters patent was made on December 20, 2003 in Volume 137, page 3981 of the Canada Gazette.

Letters patent granting heraldic emblems to George Douglas Anderson

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Original concept of Robert D. Watt, Chief Herald of Canada, assisted by the Heralds of the Canadian Heraldic Authority


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