John Joseph Arena

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King City, Ontario
Grant of Arms
January 20, 1997
Vol. III, p. 149

Arms of John Joseph Arena
Arms of John Joseph Arena
Arms of John Joseph Arena

Arms of John Joseph Arena


Azure two piles issuant from chief and one from base Argent each charged with a goblet Gules;


The “W” shape formed by three triangles refers to Winston’s restaurant in Toronto, which became, under Mr. Arena’s care, one of the great institutes of its type in Canada. The goblets celebrate knowledge and promotion of fine wines. The repetition of the goblets represents the three pillars of Mr. Arena’s life: family, entrepreneurship and public service.



On a wall of bricks Gules masoned Argent decked with four roses Argent seeded Or barbed Vert a beaver sejeant erect Or grasping in the dexter forepaw a goblet its sinister forepaw resting on a bow Gules, stringed Or;


The wall is a double reference, to arms associated with Kleyer, Mrs. Arena’s family, and to Mr. Arena’s career as a builder in several fields. The four roses refer to Mr. Arena’s four children, using the traditional white rose of York, the early name for Toronto. The beaver is a classic Canadian symbol for industriousness and perseverance. The goblet repeats the theme of the shield. The bow signifies Mr. Arena’s preparedness to fight for his beliefs and projects and to an earlier emblem that he received from Cronista Rey de Armas.








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The announcement of the letters patent was made on November 22, 1997 in Volume 131, page 3590 of the Canada Gazette.

Letters patent granting heraldic emblems to John Joseph Arena

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Original concept of Robert D. Watt, Chief Herald of Canada, assisted by the heralds of the Canadian Heraldic Authority.


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