Gordon William Atkinson

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Montreal, Quebec
Grant of Arms
August 24, 1995
Vol. III, p. 39

Arms of Gordon William Atkinson
Arms of Gordon William Atkinson
Arms of Gordon William Atkinson

Arms of Gordon William Atkinson


Per fess embattled Gules and Or on a Canadian pale per fess embattled between four swords two lions all counterchanged;


The red and gold lions are taken from those found on the coats of arms of Scotland and England respectively. The four swords indicate the four generations of men from the Gordon family who have served in the military. The embattled division signifies the defence of one’s inherent rights and the Canadian pale is a reference to Canada.



Issuant from a crown Gules heightened with fleurs-de-lis Azure and maple leaves Gules set alternately a deer's head Or attired and holding in the mouth two lightning bolts in saltire Gules;


The maple leaves in the coronet refer to Mr. Atkinson’s Canadian heritage and the fleurs-de-lis allude to the original Atkinson settlers in Quebec. The stag’s head indicates that he is a member of the Clan Gordon. The two lightening bolts allude to Mr. Atkinson’s career in radio and television.





ICI JE RESTERAI, meaning “I shall remain here”, is a response written from Mr. Atkinson’s great-grandfather to his mother when asked the date of his return to Britain.



Canada Gazette Information

The announcement of the letters patent was made on November 23, 1996 in Volume 130, page 3279 of the Canada Gazette.

Letters patent granting Armorial Bearing to Gordon William AtkinsonLetters patent granting Armorial Bearing to Gordon William Atkinson

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Original concept of Auguste Vachon, Saint-Laurent Herald, assisted by the Heralds of the Canadian Heraldic Authority


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