Lord Elgin Vocational School

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Niagara Falls, Ontario
Registration of Arms
March 15, 2024
Vol. VIII, p. 268

Arms of the Lord Elgin Vocational School
Arms of the Lord Elgin Vocational School
Arms of the Lord Elgin Vocational School

Arms of the Lord Elgin Vocational School


Per pale wavy, dexter Or a saltire Gules, on a chief per pale Argent and Or a lion rampant Azure, sinister per fess indented in chief per fess indented Vert charged with a bull’s head caboshed Argent accorné Gules, and Or charged with an open book proper bound and with fore-edges Gules, in base per bend paly wavy Azure and Argent and Or charged with a maple leaf Gules;


The Canadian Heraldic Authority does not have confirmed symbolism for this emblem. The following comments are hypotheses only. The left half of the shield is an adaptation of the arms of James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin, a former Governor General of Canada and the school’s namesake. The wavy blue and white bands represent Niagara Falls, Ontario, where the school was located, while the maple leaf symbolizes Canada. The book alludes to the school’s vocation as a place of learning.





This Latin phrase means “We were and will be honourable.” Fuimus is the motto of the Earls of Elgin.



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Original concept of the Court of the Lord Lyon, Edinburgh.


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The recipient’s emblems were originally recorded in the records of the Court of the Lord Lyon, Edinburgh, Scotland, 28 June 1967.