HMCS William Hall

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Halifax, Nova Scotia
Approval of a Badge
July 20, 2023
Vol. VIII, p. 197

Badge of HMCS William Hall
Badge of HMCS William Hall
Badge of HMCS William Hall

Badge of HMCS William Hall


A plate charged with a field gun proper, on a chief Sable a cross patté Or between two mayflowers Argent seeded Or, all within the Ships and Naval Reserve Divisions Badge Frame;


The field gun represents those taken from HMS Shannon to help relieve the Siege of Lucknow in India in 1857, and thus commemorates the valour of Able Seaman William Hall who manned one of these guns while under heavy fire. The cross on the black background alludes to the Victoria Cross which Hall was awarded for this action, the first Black man and the first Nova Scotian to be so honoured. The mayflower, Nova Scotia’s floral emblem, recalls his home province. The white background refers to the Arctic environment in which HMCS William Hall will operate.





This Latin phrase means “We do not fear or falter,” and alludes to William Hall’s bravery in helping relieve the Siege of Lucknow.



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Letters patent approving the Badge of HMCS William HallLetters patent approving the Badge of HMCS William Hall

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Original concept of Bruce Patterson, Deputy Chief Herald of Canada, and the Royal Canadian Navy, assisted by the heralds of the Canadian Heraldic Authority.


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