Sovereign's Flag for Canada

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Ottawa, Ontario
Registration of a Flag
May 6, 2023
Vol. VIII, p. 180

Sovereign’s Flag for Canada
Sovereign’s Flag for Canada
Sovereign’s Flag for Canada

Sovereign’s Flag for Canada


A banner of the Arms of the Sovereign in Right of Canada;


This is a rectangular flag version of the shield of the Arms of Canada. The sprig of three maple leaves represents all Canadians, the maple leaf having been used as a symbol of Canadian identity since the early 19th century. The other four sections are the three lions of England, the lion within a double border of fleurs-de-lis of Scotland, the harp of Ireland and the fleurs-de-lis of France.



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Since 2023, grants, registrations and approvals of heraldic emblems are no longer announced in the Canada Gazette.

Letters patent registering the Sovereign’s Flag for Canada

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Original concept of the Canadian Heraldic Authority based on the Royal Arms of Canada proclaimed in 1921 by King George V.


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