William Charles Mercer

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Montréal, Quebec
Grant of Arms
August 15, 2023
Vol. VIII, p. 204

Arms of William Charles Mercer
Arms of William Charles Mercer
Arms of William Charles Mercer

Arms of William Charles Mercer


Or fretty and semé in alternate spaces of linden leaves, on a chief Gules a silken windhound courant Or;


The symmetrical pattern represents Mr. Mercer's love of equality and balance, as well as the ideas of interconnection and of different elements meshing to make a solid case – all things that are required in his profession as a lawyer. The interlaced bands also symbolize entrepreneurship – building things by establishing networks – and of the joining together of Mr. Mercer’s Eastern European and Canadian roots. The linden leaves have a special significance for Mr. Mercer and his partner as a symbol of love, peace and altruism. For Mr. Mercer, dogs exemplify loyalty, one of his most cherished values. The silken windhound is one of his favourite breeds. Finally, red is the colouring most found in traditional Polish arms, therefore honouring Mr. Mercer’s Polish ancestry.



Two masks Gules, that to the dexter of comedy that to the sinister of tragedy, blindfolded and issuant from a coronet flory Or;


The masks of comedy and of tragedy embody Mr. Mercer’s passion for, and philanthropy in, the fine arts. The blindfold alludes to the one often included in depictions of Lady Justice to signify impartiality and equality before the law, two qualities that are essential to Mr. Mercer as a lawyer. The fleur-de-lis crown highlights the importance of the arts as a medium of expression, while also providing a nod to his home in Quebec.





This phrase is inspired by a passage in Euripides’ play Oedipus (Fragment 555). It combines Mr. Mercer’s love for justice, as a lawyer, and his love for the arts.



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Original concept of Alix Chartrand, Saguenay Herald, assisted by the heralds of the Canadian Heraldic Authority.


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