Robert Edmund Hunter Campbell

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Registration of Arms
April 20, 2023
Vol. VIII, p. 172

Arms of Robert Edmund Hunter Campbell
Arms of Robert Edmund Hunter Campbell
Arms of Robert Edmund Hunter Campbell

Arms of Robert Edmund Hunter Campbell


Quarterly, 1st and 4th gyronny Or and Sable, 2nd Argent a lymphad sail furled oars in action Sable, 3rd Or a fess chequy Azure and Argent, all within a bordure engrailed per pale Ermine and Gules;


These arms were granted around 1674 to Mr. Campbell’s ancestor, Sir Colin Campbell, 1st Baronet of Aberuchill, with a plain ermine border. The first, second and fourth quarters are the arms of the chief of the Scottish Clan Campbell, while the third quarter depicts the Stewart arms to represent Sir Colin’s spouse, who was a Stewart heraldic heiress. The colour and division line of the border indicate that Mr. Campbell descends from a junior line of this Campbell family.



A demi-lion affronty per pale Ermine and Gules crowned with a laurel wreath, holding in its dexter paw a sword proper, hilt and pommel Or, and in its sinister paw a Highland pistol proper;


A lion crowned with laurel holding a sword and a Highland pistol is the crest of the Campbell of Aberuchill baronets. Its colouring follows that of the border of the arms.



* The register of the Court of the Lord Lyon erroneously states that the motto is SEQUITOR VICTORIA;


This Latin phrase means “Victory follows.”



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