Wayne Lawrence Lobsinger

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Hamilton, Ontario
Grant of Arms
April 15, 2022
Vol. VIII, p. 89

Arms of Wayne Lawrence Lobsinger
Arms of Wayne Lawrence Lobsinger
Arms of Wayne Lawrence Lobsinger

Arms of Wayne Lawrence Lobsinger


Azure a fess lozengy Argent and Gules between in chief a coronet flory and in base two keys in saltire Or;


The red and white lozenges allude to the coat of arms of the Diocese of Hamilton, of which Bishop Lobsinger is the Auxiliary Bishop. The criss-cross pattern formed by the lozenges refers to the gridiron attribute of St. Lawrence, Bishop Lobsinger’s patron saint. Red and white are the colours of Canada and therefore allude to his country of origin and service. The coronet evokes the Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King in Hamilton where he was ordained to the priesthood and the episcopate. The fleur-de-lis shapes, as well as the blue background colour, refer to the Blessed Virgin Mary, to whom he has a particular devotion. The crossed keys symbolize St. Peter and thus St. Peter’s Seminary in London, Ontario, where Bishop Lobsinger studied and later served as Spiritual Director.





This Latin phrase, meaning “He must increase” [i.e., become greater], is taken from John 3:30, “He must increase, but I must decrease.” It is said by John the Baptist to his followers after he baptized Jesus.



Canada Gazette Information

The announcement of the letters patent was made on October 29, 2022 in Volume 156, page 5124 of the Canada Gazette.

Letters patent granting heraldic emblems to Wayne Lawrence LobsingerLetters patent granting heraldic emblems to Wayne Lawrence Lobsinger

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Original concept of Ian Duffy and Ross Campbell, assisted by the heralds of the Canadian Heraldic Authority.


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