Charles Warren Irwin

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Toronto, Ontario
Registration of Arms
October 15, 2021
Vol. VIII, p. 27

Arms of Charles Warren Irwin
Arms of Charles Warren Irwin
Arms of Charles Warren Irwin

Arms of Charles Warren Irwin


Argent on a fess engrailed Gules between three holly leaves Vert, a maple leaf Or;


The red stripe and three holly leaves are elements commonly found in the Irish emblems of persons bearing the surname Irwin. The maple leaf alludes to Mr. Irwin’s Canadian origins.



A dexter cubit arm in armour fesswise proper charged with a maple leaf Or, its hand grasping a thistle proper;


This is based on a crest used by an Irish Irwin family, with the incorporation of a maple leaf.



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The announcement of the letters patent was made on March 19, 2022 in Volume 156, page 1206 of the Canada Gazette.

Letters patent registering the heraldic emblems of Charles Warren Irwin

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The recipient's emblems were originally recorded at the Office of the Ulster King of Arms, Dublin, Ireland, 2 March 1927.