Brenda Louise Murphy

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Fredericton, New Brunswick
Grant of Arms and Supporters
September 15, 2021
Vol. VIII, p. 18

Arms of Brenda Louise Murphy
Arms of Brenda Louise Murphy
Arms of Brenda Louise Murphy

Arms of Brenda Louise Murphy


Per bend wavy Or and Purpure, a bend wavy counterchanged between in chief an orca enarched Purpure embellished Argent and in base semé of mayflowers Argent seeded Or;


Purple—or lavender—symbolizes Her Honour’s defence of women’s rights, her fight against domestic violence and her belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. For her, gold stands for life and enlightenment. White represents snow and her love of snowshoeing and other winter activities. The wavy stripes allude to the Saint John River (Wolastoq), near which she has always lived. For her, water has important healing powers. Seen off the coast of New Brunswick, the orca is a member of a matriarchal society with a highly-developed structure and culture, symbolizing Her Honour’s social activism as well as her management and communication skills. Furthermore, the orca’s strength and fighting prowess conjure the image of a “sea warrior” and embody her surname Murphy, which is derived from two Irish words, muir meaning “sea” and cath meaning “battle.” The mayflower shrub is native to eastern North America and is her favourite flower. It blooms in clusters under grass and fallen leaves; for her, it symbolizes the necessity of looking beyond appearances to find truth and beauty.



A butternut tree Or leaved Purpure fructed Argent issuant from a circlet Or the upper rim set with purple violets proper;


The coronet set with purple violets indicates the role of Her Honour as Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick, the purple violet being the emblematic flower of the province. The butternut is a tree that she particularly likes. Indigenous to New Brunswick and an endangered species in Canada, it represents the history, culture and resources of the province.



Two snow geese Argent beaked and legged Or, their exterior wings elevated and embellished, standing on a cable ferry Purpure, its railing Argent, issuant from a bar wavy Argent charged with a barrulet wavy Purpure;


The snow geese symbolize solidarity and mutual aid, due to the fact that when they migrate they fly in a V formation, with the strongest of the group at the apex. The goose in this position often changes during flight, allowing others the opportunity to lead. For Her Honour, this illustrates the type of leadership she prizes, which encourages and supports others to become leaders themselves. The boat represents the cable ferries that cross the Wolastoq, which are iconic features of several New Brunswick towns, particularly Grand Bay-Westfield, her home and where she served three terms as a municipal councillor. The ferry also reinforces the theme of helping others, since it safely carries people over an obstacle.








Canada Gazette Information

The announcement of the letters patent was made on December 11, 2021 in Volume 155, page 5670 of the Canada Gazette.

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Original concept of Fabienne Fusade, Miramichi Herald, assisted by the heralds of the Canadian Heraldic Authority.


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